• Looking for some information on smoking some wild boar for snack sticks. Only looking to do 2 lbs to start but was wondering on what the internal temperature should be. Also, when mixing, instead of using water, could I use beer instead? I am using carrot fiber as well.

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    markgolding This sounds like a good idea to me! As for using the beer you can absolutely do that, just don’t expect use an IPA, beyond that it is pretty much to your tastes, if you like a strong beer taste try something with a higher ABV and stronger taste, something like a barelywine or if you like a mellower taste then a lager or light ale.

    Okay, so some tips on making snack sticks from wild boar:
    -Make your fat content somewhere in the 70/30 lean to fat range. This might require you add some regular pork fat depending on how fatty the piece of the wild boar you are using is.
    -Use prepackaged seasoning, when experimenting with new meat blocks you want to eliminate as many factors as possible
    -If you are adding pork fat add it during the grinding process, this will allow it to mix in better
    -Make sure you get very good protein extraction. For a good example of this go to around the 1:20 mark of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wStH-RtQUY8
    -You are already using Carrot Fiber so that is a good thing
    -Follow a good smoke schedule, this one in Meatgistics University: Cured Sausage 106 Basics of Snack Sticks gives a good basic one and then the 205 and 206 in the cured sausage category can offer you some tips on advanced processing.
    -Consider adding a hi-temp cheese to improve the flavor.

    That’s what I have…@jdh52mail I know you recently did some great looking hams from Wild Pigs do you make snack sticks from them? If so, is there anything you would recommend that I haven’t mentioned?

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    markgolding Jonathan did mention Protein extraction, Protein extraction, Protein extraction!!! Make sure you watch Jonaton’s video on that. I learned it here. If you don’t achieve protein extraction your sticks will turn out like s**t.

    That being said, the meatgistics university really helps and you will make stuff that everyone will tell you should be in a store!

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