Soluble Pa's Black Bull BBQ Seasoning

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    I tried the Soluble Pa’s Black Bull BBQ Seasoning the other day on a pork shoulder and the results were quite good. It would be hard for me to describe the flavor as I also used a generous portion of rub on the outside. I injected the shoulder to the recommend 18% and held for 36 hours. The flavor seemed subtle but molasses was pronounced and the end product was much juicier than my previous shoulder without an injection. It seems like a good soluble to build a base and use additional rubs. Next time I may hold it another day to infuse as much flavor as possible.

    Last night I wanted something quick and easy so I picked up about 4 lbs. of boneless/skinless chicken thighs. I used 1 cup of the Soluble Pa’s, a scant 1/4 C of Splenda Brown sugar and a ground smoked habanero. I threw everything in the vacuum tumbler and processed for 1 hour. 30 minutes in, I started prepping the coals for the Weber. After tumbling I was surprised at the lack of liquid left in the container. The meat had really soaked it up. I tossed the thighs with some avocado oil due to it’s high smoking point prior to grilling.


    The thighs grilled quickly over searing hot coals and caramelized perfectly. Once again, the Pa’s was subtle but a bit more pronounced as it wasn’t competing with as much flavors as the shoulder. I didn’t get the heat I had hoped for so I finished it with a light sprinkling of cayenne and a dusting of granulated garlic.The end result was perfectly juicy, if not a bit messy…I’m not complaining. The meat was quite tender with plenty of flavor. The heat and sweet were a great addition to the molasses and onion characteristics of the Pa’s.


    Overall I would say this one is a winner. I look forward to future experiments with Pa’s.


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    Joe Hell Huh, I have never tried Pa’s on chicken, that seems like a huge mistake on my part! I will 100% be making some shredded chicken breast this weekend with the Pa’s as the base. Thanks for the idea!

  • Team Blue

    Jonathon I just figured that based on the ingredients that it would lend itself well to anything that you could BBQ put sauce on. I might even consider adding some directly to a lower sugar homemade sauce. I’m sure the tumbler helped quite a bit as well. The next batch I’m going to put some fire on it with extra habaneros.

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    Joe Hell Yes, it is pretty amazing how effective those tumblers can be. I think most commercial processors would say that either the tumbler or the smokehouse is the most important piece of equipment in their facilities. If anyone is looking for something to spend your money on you could do a lot worse than getting a tumbler!

  • Team Blue

    Jonathon The tumbler you guys offer will likely be my next equipment purchase. My hand-me-down unit seems to work just fine but the capacity is lacking.

  • Team Orange Power User Masterbuilt

    D**n…Just ordered the Pa’s. Now I have to look at tumblers.

  • Team Orange Regular Contributors

    Joe Hell looks awesome as usual!!!

  • Power User PK100 Regular Contributors Team Grey

    Joe Hell was looking at buying the pa’s for a pulled pork sandwich 4th of july family get together. I see it is a dry seasoning, i thought it was a injectable liquid. Also there is the soluble and the marinade. Any help is appreciated

  • Team Blue

    twilliams I have only used the soluble version so I’m not sure how it compares to the marinade. The soluble is made up of smaller particles to make dissolving and injecting easier. It is best used in combination with your favorite rub. It seems to be more umami than ‘flavor’ if that makes sense.

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    twilliams The Soluble Pa’s is my favorite on pulled pork, especially when you rub the outside with something like a Saint Louis or KC Rump Rub. There is also the regular version which is a marinade but I wouldnt recommend that for a pork butt unless you have a large vacuum tumbler as the seasoning will take way too long to penetrate far enough to make much of an impact.

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    Recently used the soluble version for that exact same reason. Very good. You wont regret it.

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    Joe Hell awesome, how often do you use your tumbler? I was thinking about getting one. I do a lot of brining and injecting to get the job done. Do you think the tumbler has an advantage?

  • Team Blue

    Dave R I use the tumbler for every batch of jerky and it works well! Unfortunately the one I was gifted no longer pulls a decent vacuum. I had a mishap a couple of weeks ago. That was part of the reason it was given to me. The tumbler that Walton’s offers is on my list for sure. Mine will do 5 lbs at a time and the Walton’s one will do 10.

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