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    Excuse all of those French words up in the title but there is a good reason they are known for their cuisine! This is a Wagyu Coullete that a friend of mine got from his sister in law that purchases meat for very high-end restaurants. A coulette is apparently similar to a top sirloin. She wanted us to smoke it but I convinced him to try Sous Vide cooking and then finish it up on a grill and boy am I glad I did! We vac sealed it and then set the sous cooker to 129° for 4 hours, then we pulled it and seared it for about 5 minutes a side, which is more than i normally would have but it was so thick and he likes things a little more done than I do.

    The results were fantastic! Since it was Wagyu we only seasoned it with Salt and Pepper, we didn’t want anything else competing with the flavor, if it was not Wagyu I would have used nothing other than the Ultimate Steak & Roast Rub. I am seeing more and more people going back to just salt & pepper and that is a good thing when compared to some of these crazy flavored rubs for steaks I see but I will always insist that Ultimate Steak & Roast Rub is better than salt and pepper…I will die on this hill!

    Sorry, rant over, the taste was similar to prime rib but the texture was better in my mind, I not even 100% sure what I mean by that but it seemed to have more to it than a regular prime rib? I don’t know how it would have been if it was cooked the entire time on the grill, as you can see from the last picture there did not appear to be a lot of intramuscular fat, especially for a wagyu.

    Anyway, I highly recommend sous vide(ing) one if you get your hands on it!

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    Awesome!!! I eat almost nothing but rib-eye after numerous letdown’s on other beef cuts but I wouldn’t turn anything down with Wagyu in the name. Sous Vide would be my choice way to cook any of those high dollar cuts such as that. I would never forgive myself if I messed up meat like that. I’ve been buy a few choice cuts from CrowdCow every now and then. It’s spendy but sometimes you just have to treat yourself. I recently ruined 2 Tasmanian Rib-Eye steaks…it nearly brought a tear to my eye. Next time I will sous vide.

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    Joe Hell That might be the best thing about Sous Vide cooking is that it is almost impossible to ruin a steak! We left one in for 24 hours and it ended up tasting more like roast but it was still good! Tasmania Rib Eye? I’m assuming that is just a cow from Tasmania and not the extinct Tasmanian devil that you have somehow managed to raise a heard of somewhere?

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    Looks amazing.

  • Team Blue

    Jonathon I gave up my devil ranch years ago. Ornery little buggers!

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    Jonathon I love the Sous Vide, I have only used mine a handful of times and then seared steaks in cast iron in butter when they were done. Fantastic!

    That looks perfect!

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    deplorablenc1 Thanks, the real advantage (in my mind) of sous vide cooking vs a regular reverse sear is that you can get a nice crust but have that only extends a few millimeters into the meat, leaving more perfect medium-rare meat for me!

  • Jonathon
    That looks amazing. I picked up a sous vide a few months ago and I try to incorporate it anywhere I can. I cooked a 4 bone ribeye roast at Christmas @ 131 degrees for 24 hours, then finished it with the broiler (my family doesn’t like it any rarer than the 131) and the results were amazing. 20181225_185253.jpg 20181225_190107.jpg The bones didn’t fit in the bag with the roast, so I had to remove them and cook them separately. I kept those for the chef. ;)

    We really like cooking tri-tip in the sous vide too. I usually cook them at 131 for 20 - 24 hours, but I finish them on the grill for a few minutes per side and the texture seems more like a filet than tri-tip.

    I agree with you; if you don’t have a sous vide I would suggest picking one up.

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    rjsenk Those look amazing! I know I have said this somewhere recently but when we cooked our steak for 24 hours in the sous vide it ended up tasting more like a roast. That could be because we did individual steaks and not an absolute chunk you did! It’s good to hear other perspectives and that it can come out perfect!

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    Looks great! Oh boy, more shopping ahead?:smirk:

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