Spicy little devils!

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    Just in time for Easter…spicy deviled eggs. There is nothing special to this recipe outside of the ‘dye’ for the eggs. I didn’t follow a particular recipe. Any family recipe will do. I hard boiled the eggs in an instant pot on high for 5 minutes with a 5 minute natural release before going to an ice bath. Instant pot eggs peel easier than any other cooking method that I have found. I held the peeled eggs in a pepperoncini brine from a jar of peppers. Notice the Easter yellow hue of the eggs! (Beet juice works for an intensely purple dye)

    The filling was yolks of course…a dollop of mayo, a spoonful of spicy brown mustard and sweet tomato relish, a splash of the pepperoncini brine and a pinch of salt and pepper. I piped the filling into each egg using a sandwich bag with the corner cut out. Rather than finishing with paprika I used cayenne and Kashmiri red chili powder.

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    You’re an artist…Luv deviled eggs.

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    @PapaSop Thanks! These turned out great! Had I thought about it, I would have dusted them with the Bloody Mary snack stick and jerky seasoning I just received! I bet the dill pickle flavoring would be great too!

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    @PapaSop @Joe-Hell -Yes, he is an artist but deviled eggs…hard pass!

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    @Jonathon LOL. I’m not a huge fan of eggs but deviled is ok on occasion. I’ve always thought of eggs as liquid chicken. It’s an easy protein source for the diet so I’ve learned to accept them

  • @Jonathon @Joe-Hell Special treats once only served to the “Gods”.
    And they make for an aromatic room a while later. 😱

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