Smoking a smoked ham?

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    Thinking about changing up the traditional oven/roaster oven method for Easter. Anyone ever smoked a store bought ham? Talked to a co-worker today and he actually did this last year on his pellet grill. He used a maple syrup and brown sugar as a glaze on it. Said it was incredible. Just heated it to 180 internal. My question is how long would it take to get a 12lb ham heated up? As far as smoke I was thinking of pecan or alder. Don’t want to overpower it.

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    @PapaSop I’ve seen a several recipes online. The first one I found also called for a maple and brown sugar glaze. If you are starting with a pre-cooked ham it will cut down the time considerably as you only need to hit 140.

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    @PapaSop Yes, there is no reason to get it to 180, that’s brisket ranges and I dont think you want that with Ham, the time to get the internal temp to 180 on a Ham…20 hours? More? I’d have to guess more. When cooking a fresh ham we recommend 160° internal temp and that takes about 14 hours, so an additional 20 on top of that would add some serious time. 140° like @Joe-Hell says will be fine!

  • I have smoked few store bought per cooked hams. Set your smoker to 225 then with a stay in probe take it to 140 add your glaze and put it under a broiler to brown your glaze

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    @Joe-Hell @Jonathon @Drseibert Thanks for the input. I thought 180 seemed a little high. I plan on doing this Saturday then carving and put in crock pot to warm for Sunday dinner. Less to worry about the day of.

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    Ok. An Easter update.

    Double smoked this ham. This was really, really good. Both were shanks. Trimmed excess fat off on one to see if it would take more smoke.( Didn’t notice any significant difference between the two after smoking)… Used pure maple syrup and brown sugar for glaze. (one cup of each whisked together). Basted several times during the smoke. Used 50/50 mix of cherry & hickory pellets for the smoke using the A-Maze-N pellet tube. Some pics to follow…

    IMG_20190420_150423-1209x1612.jpg IMG_20190420_181427-483x644.jpg IMG_20190420_184134-483x644.jpg IMG_20190420_184841-483x644.jpg

    Guess it was good😉 IMG_20190421_145929-1209x1612-483x644.jpg

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    @PapaSop I’ve been looking forward to hearing how everything turned out since your initial post. That looks amazing! Pork is truly magical. I made ribs today using the Pa’s Black Bull seasoning as a marinade. I’m not sure I’ve had better results. I used the same marinade for a flat iron steak using a reverse sear method while blackening in a hot skillet…so good

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    @Joe-Hell and @PapaSop We need to keep spreading the word about Pa’s Black Bull…or maybe we won’t and just keep it to ourselves?!

    That ham looks awesome and I have GOT to stop looking at pictures of meat first thing in the morning, it is driving my hunger! An interesting experiment with the trimming/not trimming, I love that people try things here and then share! Pap, not sure if you follow us on Instagram and other social media but these pictures will be making an appearance on there!

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    @Jonathon What is the difference between the soluable seasoning and the marinade? Is it just the addition of phosphates?

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    @Joe-Hell The particle size is the biggest thing. The Soluble is designed to suspend in water and go through an injector without clogging any plungers or needles up. Also, if I remember correctly the regular marinade might caramelize just a tiny bit better, but I could be misremembering things there.

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    @Jonathon I added cold phosphate to the soluble Pa’s and ended up with spectacular ribs. I used the same rub I used on my chicken for the ribs.

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    Still waiting to try the Pa’s. That last snowfall and cold windy weekend that followed interrupted those plans. @Joe-Hell Even good on steaks? Now it’s this weekends goal.

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    @PapaSop It was great on the steak. I’ve never had the flat iron cut before. I was really surprised how tender it was. After I pulled the meat from the smoker I was concerned that I may have overcooked it as it felt a bit firm. I coated it in a blackening seasoning and seared it with smoking hot butter until I got a decent crust and then let it rest for a few minutes. It was perfect.

    flat iron.jpg

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    Looks delicious!

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    Just thinking about the social media thing. I do follow your Facebook page. ( I think my family took a collective gasp when I finally signed into that). I’m still trying to figure out how the pound symbol(#) ended up being a hashtag!? 🤷♂ 🤔

  • @PapaSop I agree with Jonathon It’s first thing in the morning and I’m looking at this meat and I have to fast for awhile for blood test, I’m so hungry now.

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    @PapaSop Other than the Walton’s and Meatgistics accounts I do very little on social media so I am with you on that. It can be helpful though from time to time. Kids today get confused if the listen to an auto directory and it tells them to hit the extension and then the pound sign, they have no idea what to do!

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    @Jonathon I’m in the same boat. I quit facebook years ago…I don’t regret it one bit. People that I want to connect with know my phone number. I don’t need to share my life with people from high school I didn’t really like in the first place. lol. The folks here at Meatgistics share a common love of meat. I dig that.

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    @Jonathon @Joe-Hell
    Totally agree with you both. The keyboard has become a powerful voice these days. I will check Pinterest from time to time if I’m looking for recipe ideas, but…This website has become my goto for the knowledge everyone has here. Ask a question, get a quick and honest answer with no guessing and no BS…(wellll, maybe a little 😁 ). Want to get frustrated?? Google a question and click on a forum😱

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    @PapaSop My biggest issue with some other forums is that it seems as if people delight in being mean and enforcing rules “like dont start a new post unless you have exhaustively searched the board” Now, still being a relatively small (but constantly growing) community we may have an advantage with that but being rude isn’t gonna be something we allow here. As long as it is an honest question this board will always strive to answer it!

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