First chicken brats grilled (what not to do)

  • Okay everyone I learned a valuable lesson over again!

    When you are grilling don’t let yourself get distracted!

    Really, how simple is this? I guess not too simple this is the second time I let myself get distracted! The second time!

    Needlessly to say I killed the brats not in a good way either. I was doing really good up to the moment of distraction. I started the Treager with alder pellets set temp to 350°F and waited for 30 minutes for the first turn. So far so good. I opened the Treager took a peek and a photo and rolled the brats for their final cook to temp. (See photo)

    That’s when I got distracted and over cooked the brats! They split wide open exposing I hadn’t pricked them before placing them on the grill, and turned the casing into what can only be described as vinyl that one would use to upholster a fine piece of furniture.

    However, the inside of the brats were very tasty and delicious given the fact they survived the near pending inferno. Believe me somehow they were still a little juicy and I managed to eat two before my jaws gave out chewing the vinyl casing.

    Yes, I’m embarrassed but I may have finally learned once again to grill is to be attentive to the art if you expect a great outcome. So everyone, I post this in trust that I’m not the only one that has done this, but pray you all don’t follow or repeat my misfortune.

    Happy cooking!

    IMG_2090.JPG IMG_2087.JPG

  • Team Blue

    unclebill You should have seen my first brats…they practically turned inside out! lol

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    unclebill We have ALL been there! I’ve done it with Brats at least twice and once with Ribs…the ribs one hurt as they were wagyu. It still haunts me!

    Like you said, learn and move on! I don’t doubt that they were still juicy on the inside, you probably case hardened the outside and that prevented any moisture from escaping the interior. Hey, at least some of it was edible! With mine, I even peeled off the casing and tried to scrape off some of the burnt meat.

  • Team Orange Power User Masterbuilt

    Yep. Me too. I’m sure we’ve all been there. After all these years I think my grill is finally attached to my hip. :face_with_tears_of_joy:

  • Joe Hell I was pretty sure I wasn’t the lone-ranger on this. Just needed to share…thanks

  • Jonathon thanks for your videos, it probably could have been worse! I’m sure to more on and keep trying!

  • PapaSop I’m sure mine is attached as well. I’ll keep on trying as this is addictive!!!

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