First time Sous Vide?

  • Was already planning on having a grilled steak last night when I seen your FB post about trying this method at home. I was skeptical but decided to try it. I’m sure my old grilling Gods were looking down with crossed arms and shaking their heads but I pressed on. I did paper towel dry excess juice on meat before grilling. No pics from the grill because I was watching it to close. Directly over coals, 1 1/2 min, flip, season and 1 1/2 min more. Let rest 5 min.

    1556131519997.jpg 1556131520338.jpg 1556131520267.jpg 1556131520125.jpg

    It was the most evenly cooked, juiciest and tender T-bone I’ve ever done.

    And I’ve had some good ones. Wow!

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    Nice! I’ll have to do that soon!

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    @PapaSop I’m sure my old grilling Gods were looking down with crossed arms and shaking their heads but I pressed on this is EXACTLY how I felt when I tried this for the first time. I have been reverse searing my steaks for years and I didn’t want to accept that there might be a better way but I decided to give it a try and now, unless I am pressed for time, I Sous Vide and finish on a screaming hot pan or grill. It’s just so easy to get it right! Glad you liked it! See? Sometimes FB can be good!

  • @Jonathon
    Lol. My son just got the reverse sear nailed down and now I have to show him something new. Can already see the look on his face.

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    @PapaSop He’ll come around, have to try it a time or two and then realize how simple it is to nail it everytime and he will be happy to do it!

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