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    Hey guys, in my lean trimmed venison i add 30% ground pork for sausage and snack sticks. Im looking at doing beef since i dont have any venison left. Do i use the same percentage of pork for beef? I plan on beef trim being as lean as possible. Thanks for the help

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    twilliams If you are planning on trimming your beef extremely lean then I would recommend you either add more than 30% or at least use a binder. We generally recommend that you have around 70/30 lean to fat, so if you are adding ground pork (which might be around 60/40) to a very lean beef you are going to be pretty light on the fight.

    Now, if you’ve been doing this with pork and venison and are pleased with the results you should have very similar results if you just replace the venison with beef but I’d think you would have better success with higher fat content.

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