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    I tried another keto recipe yesterday and was surprised by the results. It was for a burger bun that turned out remarkably…like bread! Although the color was a bit off of a standard bun. The outside looks like whole wheat…the inside ‘gray-ish’. From my research that is a result of the psyllium husk. It was soft with great texture and could easily hold up to a substantial burger.

    For my patties I used 80/20 beef, jalapeno patty mix mixed with beer, high temp cheddar and a little carrot fiber binder to hold the added beer. I topped the burger with homemade buckboard bacon, home smoked Tillamook cheddar, shredded pork rib meat and french fried jalapenos. I buttered and grilled the bun and dressed with house made green tomato sweet relish and horseradish aioli. The results were spectacular! I’ve been waiting a long time for a burger and wasn’t the least bit disappointed.

    I’m pretty good at making bread and despite not eating it anymore I still maintain a sourdough starter and make bread for family. This was far easier than the real thing and no kneading required. It only takes a few minutes to put together.


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    Unbelievable…You da man! Looks delicious.

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    @PapaSop It was so nice to be able to eat something without a knife or fork! I’ve noticed that with this diet it almost eliminates food of convenience. I can’t wait get back to eating ‘bread’.

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    I bet you can’t. Your family is lucky to take part in all these food adventures. Wish I were a long lost relative 😉

  • @Joe-Hell
    How about the bun recipe I’d sure like to try it

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    @truger I found the recipe at the link below. I would say that they are better the first day than the 3rd. Overall it’s a pretty solid alternative.

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    @Joe-Hell like @truger said I was going to say you can’t post that and not give us the recipe! Looks delicious, this makes me think of fancy restaurants how the chefs there are trying to pack as much taste into a small bite as possible so they can eat less but taste more…as always it looks awesome!

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