• Hi guys,
    I had guests this weekend and we decided to smoke some ribs on the Treager. They were a huge hit thanks to Excalibur’s seasonings, Signature Pork Rub and Smoke House Chicken! They where just amazingly delicious.

    I first generously dusted them with the rub mixture ratio of 1-tablespoon Signature Pork Rub with 1-teaspoon of Smoke House Chicken. Then let them set at room temperature for 1-hour before putting them on the Treager to smoke for 1-hour. After smoking for an hour I wrapped them in tin foil with apple juice and water solution (approximately 2-tablespoons) and increased the cooking temperature to 300°F for two hours. They where very juicy, tender (bones pulled out of meat cleanly) and oh so delicious.

    I got some photos early but they where consumed so fast I didn’t get a photo.

    IMG_2103.JPG IMG_2101.JPG IMG_2100.JPG IMG_2097.JPG

  • Team Blue

    Sounds delicious! I often have the same problem taking photos of the finished product as I race to stuff it in my face.

  • Joe Hell its a really good problem to have!

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    unclebill Those look great, mixing seasonings is awesome and gives you endless amounts of options. Glad they came out to well!

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