New to Smoking,Questions on beef sticks

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    I am new to smoking and have question on adding pork fat to venison. WIll a pork shoulder roast work from my local market? If I substituted for beef what part of beef fat do I need? do I need suit fat?
    Also when smoking and I want to add smoke when do I put the smoke chips in?
    I currently have a MES 40.

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    @steven-hegge A pork butt or shoulder will work if you cannot get your hands on straight pork fat but if you use that then I would make your mix 50% pork shoulder and 50% venison. If you are using beef fat just know that it will not be as creamy as the pork fat will be but it will work. The suet is a very hard fat from the loin area so I would say if you are going to go with beef that it would be a good choice. I like pork fat more though.

    For smoke schedule and more information check out

    • 125F for 1 hour With No smoke and Dampers Open (this is a drying stage)
    • 140F for 1 hour With Smoke and Damper Closed
    • 155F for 2 hours With Smoke and Damper Closed
    • 175F until internal meat temp of 160F With Smoke and Damper Closed

    When they have reached 160° internal temperature remove from the smoker and put them in an ice bath to bring the heat down and help set the casing.

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