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    How much water do you all add for a 25lb batch, i used 2 1/2 cups and it seemed hard on the stuffer to crank.

  • I use 4 cups water to 25 lbs and sometimes I have increased it to 5 cups depending on the meat to fat ratio.

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    sardiver thanks

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    twilliams The more water you add the easier it will be to crank, I have tested it all the way to 2 qts per 25 lb batch. At that ratio, it stuffs like a dream but has a consistency of chowder. It did not end up affecting my finished products consistency though, it just increased my cook time as all the extra water cooked out.

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    Jonathon I just won a hydraulic stuffer on an auction from a small commercial operation that was going out of business. I spoke to the owner about using the stuffer for snack sticks (12mm horn, 19mm casings.) He said the best way to do this was to make the mixture as wet as possible, stuff & then and let them sit overnight. I dont think that would work for me as I use ECA & sure cure. Based on your above comment, I am going to use 2 quarts of water in my 25lb meat block & plan on a longer smoke cycle. Does this seem reasonable to you?


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    IVERYAN First, congratulations! I hope you got a good deal on it and his loss is your gain! With a hydraulic stuffer, there should be no need to use 2 qts of water to a 25 lb batch to get it to stuff into 19mm casings. I can use my hand crank stuffer and use 1 qt of water and get it to stuff into 19mm casings on a 12mm stuffing tube.

    Having said that, there isn’t really any major problem with your plan, just know that it is going to be almost soupy when you are stuffing it and while I didn’t you possibly could have some consistency issues. What I would imagine is that it would have hotdog like consistency.

    If I were you I would do a smaller test batch first before committing to a 25 lb batch, just to be sure. You could even try mixing a few lb with 1 qt, a few lb with 2 qt and then mix the rest of your batch to whichever works best.

    Also, yes, if you are using Encapsulated Citric Acid you don’t want to hold it overnight as the encapsulation might start breaking down. The sure cure can safely be held overnight, that isn’t any issue.

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