Help With Making a Smaller Batch of Snack Sticks

  • Hi everyone,
    I need some help with making a smaller batch of snack sticks. I would like to make 5lbs to make sure I will like it first. I know I need 1 teaspoon of cure #1 for 5lbs of meat. How much sure gel meat binder do I need? Roughly 1 and 1/5th ounces of a 6oz packet?

    Thanks in advance

  • Admin

    That would be correct.
    If you have a small kitchen scale, it should be fairly easy to measure out close to that amount.
    If you don’t have a scale, just get as close as you can by “eyeballing” what that 1.2 ounces (1/5 of a package would be).
    Sure gel is not going to be something that requires such an extreme level of exactness that you’d hurt anything by using a little too much or a little less than it calls for.

  • Did not expect a reply on a sunday! Thanks for the info you guys at waltons are top notch!

  • Admin

    Thanks for the compliment @wrobben4848!

    Good luck in making your snack sticks! Hope it turns out fantastic!

  • Made the sticks on sunday and they came out great. I made Willies, Pepper Stick, and the Jalapeno. They are all good. I did add 1lb of hi temp chedder cheese to my 10lb batch of the Jalapeno. That is my favorite one, highly recommend it to all.

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