Gas or electric smokehouse

  • Was considering a prosmoker and roaster 500t and was wondering which would have an advantage in economics or flavor in the commercial setting. Thanks

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    @SmokinDave58 As far as the cost of running goes it would depend on what type of gas you are talking about. Do you mean propane tanks or would you hook it up to a natural gas line? If it is propane tanks it would be fairly close but if you are hooking it up to natural gas then that would be the more economical option.

    As far as taste goes I personally think there is an advantage to using an electric smoker that uses coils to heat the smoker and creates the smoke but there are plenty of people who don’t believe there is a difference in taste.

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    I prefer electric just for the simplicity of things. The Masterbuilt smokers tend to hold a lot more moisture than the propane ones I have played with. They also seem to be better insulated than propane versions as well.

  • @Jonathon The gas company is going to run a natural gas line down the road, eventually, one of the reasons we were set up for a gas smokehouse. I have heard that gas smokehouses are being phased out of the market because of possible liability issues and safety concerns. Thanks. Love your videos and read your information all the time.

  • @Joe-Hell Thanks for your input. I appreciate your reply.

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