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    Im wanting to smoke some cheese, which kinds are the best for this. I hear alot about smoked gouda and chedder. Im concerned that my smoke burner is still gonna make it too hot in cabinet that it will start melting. Any suggestions? I have a prosmoker 100SS

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    twilliams The A-maze-n products should help with achieving a cold smoke. I’ve smoked just about every cheese that has been on sale the last few months. I personally go pretty light on the smoke.

    About 90 minutes prior to smoking I will cut the blocks into smaller pieces and let come to room temp uncovered on a baking rack. One hour of cold smoking with my setup seems to be plenty. I’ll stick to lighter woods (Apple, Alder) for the most part. Stronger flavored cheeses can take a bit more smoke than milder varieties. The hard part is waiting a week or two for the cheese to mellow before consuming. Eating it too early can be quite the unpleasant experience.

    I smoked Tillamook colby jack and Philly cream cheese last weekend. I’ll try them both next week for the first time. I’m hoping the cream cheese elevates my stuffed jalapeño game!


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    twilliams Will it BBQ Cheese we smoked some cheddar, parm and bleu cheese. Yes, I would think the heat from your smokers burner is going to be too much. You will want to cold smoke it and the best way to do that is with Flip Professional Smokebox or the Amaze-N-Tube to generate smoke but keep the heat down.

  • Jonathon A couple of suggestions for smoking cheese. 1) I agree with using an alternative methode of generating the smoke. I personally use the Amazing Smoking Tube with great results. I have a Yoder Smokers YS640 with a second shelf, this allows me to put the smoke generator on the lower level and have the cheese above it. Less heat allows us to smoke even soft cheeses like Brei. 2) I would try to do my smoking at the coolest time of the day. You only need 1-2 hours to get a good smoke flavor. Have fun.

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    KansasDad We smoked hi-temp cheeses yesterday and sampled them and made some burgers. Cheddar, Hot Pepper and Mozzarella all were very good and i’d recommend people try it. I didn’t like what it did to the Swiss and the heat from ghost pepper mostly overwhelmed any smoke flavor, it was still there just milder, to the point it wasn’t really worth it.

    I smoked them about 30-45 minutes yesterday because I knew I was not going to give them any time to mellow in the fridge before using them.

    Good tip on the waiting for the cool of the day, especially if your smoker is going to be in the sun!

  • Joe Hell Sorry that I had to find you in this thread, but it was the fastest way to find you. I too am on a Low Carb/Ketogenic diet, and one of the people that I follow on Youtube is “Two Fit Docs” and Dr Becky Gilaspie. Today she posted this video that I found very interesting:


    What is interesting is the use of potato starch as a means of help keeping a healthy gut. It also triggered a memory of reading about binders on the Walton site and the product “Super-Bind” that uses both carrot fiber and Potato Starch for water retention. I had shied away form that product because of the nasty ‘potato starch’ idea, but now am going to take a second look.

    Thought you might be interested.


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    KansasDad That was really interesting! I’ve seen that stuff locally but have never given it any thought due to the evil POTATO. lol. I’ll have to pick some up this week and see how it goes. The info about eating cold potatoes was of particular interest. I’d love to have a few bites of potato salad now and then. I like eating left over roast potatoes right out of the fridge too.

    This weekend I ran into 2 of my brothers. The oldest (turned 46 2 weeks ago) was nothing short of a bully my entire life. Daily beatings and reminders about of how fat I am was constant and relentless. His friends weren’t any better. My younger brother (turned 43 last friday) was always the skinny one in the family and didn’t fill out until his 20’s. I’m the middle child and have had pretty large weight fluctuations my entire life…skinny or fit has never been used to describe my body type.

    This weekend when ‘the diet’ came up I asked each of them how much they weighed…I had them both beat by nearly 30 lbs! Take that bullies! LOL.

  • Cheese should be smoked under 80°, but I like to keep things about 50-55°.

    The length of smoking time can vary on smoker size, and size of the cheese blocks.

    I use an A-Maze-N Pellet smoker in my smoker without heat. I smoke about two hours and taste, if I need to go slightly longer I can. But if you over smoke it, you can’t go back.

    I prefer to use apple or cherry pellets for a milder flavor. Hickory and Mesquite can overpower the cheese if left in the smoke too long.

    Keep a small block of cheese just for sampling in the smoker, and then in the resting period in the refrigerator. When you have the desired taste after being in the fridge, you can then vac-seal.

  • Yeah, we did some smoked cheese the other day. We use only cold smoking and the cheese of choice is Cheddar and Colby. It is a bit of addicting!

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    magician176 what woods you use to smoke cheese? Assuming apple or cherry?

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    twilliams I use hickory when doing cheese smoke about 2 hrs. depending on the kind of cheese

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