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    Does anyone have a PK Grill? (Not the smokers) Are they all they are hyped up to be? I’m thinking about entering a steakcook off and getting one.

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    @Tex_77 I’ve never tried one so i don’t have a lot of input but I just wanted to point out that the Pk-100 we use is a pro smoker model which doesnt have anything to do with the PK Grills.

    I might get slammed for this but…I don’t like charcoal grills and that is mostly because I am now addicted to convenience and my pellet smoker gives me 80% of the smoke flavor with no hassle. Now, I also dont have the most advanced pallet so maybe other people notice a stronger difference in smoke flavor but I dont and no one has ever complained about lack of smoke flavor on anything I have smoked at home.

    Again, I have no experience with the PK Grills but the online reviews are excellent, can’t always go by that but it is something to consider!

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    @Jonathon Coincidently, I was just looking at the PK grill yesterday. The price was a little high in my opinion…it took a decade to talk myself into my Weber kettle. It wasn’t until I saw a massively discounted model ($40) that I took the plunge.

    I’m sure the quality is there with the PK as it is with the Weber. I was more impressed with the Weber than I had anticipated. As far as the cook goes I think you would be hard pressed to see a difference in the final product once you get to know your way around the particular grill. I’m not swayed much by convenience as you can see by many of my posts. I enjoy the journey at times as much or more than the destination.

    I find that every one of my grilling tools whether it be oven, charcoal, gas, smoker or fire pit has its place and I enjoy all of them. Cooking is my therapy and these days I’m feeling fine!

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    I agree they are pricey. I have located a used one online, so that is the only reason I am even considering buying one. It is the original model, not their new model that sells for $700+ plus.

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    @Joe-Hell I always worry for you that your food is cold by the time you are done setting them up for pictures! We have someone in here now who edits our videos (thank goodness) and he has taught me a lot more about how cameras work and the most important thing is the lighting and yours must be perfect. I know you said you had that window in your kitchen, you should rent out your kitchen to local photographers!

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    @Jonathon That’s funny! You guys should see some of the stuff I don’t have patience to photograph! Sometimes I’ll stuff my face with scalding food because I just can’t wait! I’ll pull food straight off the grill and juggle between mouth and hands to avoid burns. I’ve been known to avoid plates and utensils entirely!

    When I take pictures I do so in pretty dark conditions with zero artificial light. At times my ‘magic window’ is a bit too bright and I’ll hang a white towel to diffuse the light.

    My rules for food photos are this…no artificial lighting. No direct lighting and under no circumstances do you use a flash. Low light is best and shadows are your friend.



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    @Tex_77 I’m a sucker for a good deal on any cooking apparatus and I’m a chronic instigator on talking someone into buying new toys whether it’s a guitar or a bbq. I say go for it!!!

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    @Joe-Hell I didn’t act soon enough it was already spoken for, so I guess I just hope that it falls through. If not I might just have to bite the bullet. I’m instigator as well. My wife also knows if we don’t buy what I really want, I won’t be happy. She has also told me, I don’t care what you spend on a grill as long as it makes good food, so I also have that going for me.

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    @Tex_77 She sounds like a great lady! I don’t often get everything I want but if I want it badly enough I can almost always find a way to make it happen. 👍

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    @Tex_77 What are you waiting for! If the wife says I don’t care then get buying. 🤑

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    While we are on the topic of charcoal grills, does anyone have any experience with Hasty Bake grills?

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    @Tex_77 I wish! Those look awesome! The construction looks to be nearly bullet proof too. I wish the nearest dealer wasn’t a couple thousand miles away.

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    @Austin Thanks for answering my question on PK Grills! They would make an awesome monthly give away prize! Or if you need a product tester for them, sign me up!

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    @Tex_77 my wife has always said to get what you want or better and you will never be disapointed

  • I love my PK with Grill Grates. It’s a steak cooking machine!

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    For anyone interested it looks like we will be carrying these shortly. I think the original and the pk360. We are carrying the grill grates for both of those models, as well as the ne designed for the GMG/Tragaer pellet smoker/grill combos.

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