Re: Livestream - This is why I am team blue!

  • Team Blue

    This is my first car. I got it from great grandmother when I was 17. 1968 Skylark with 62,000 miles. 26 years later I’m almost up to 90k. Note the blue Ford and house trim. (I didn’t actually paint the house that color) I actually bought a guitar one time time because it matched the car!


  • Joe Hell Man, cars were sure pretty back then.

  • Joe Hell

    Did not know this was a site to show cars, I thought it was about spices, smokers & cooking. My truck is a 78 Dodge Macho, shortbox full time 4x4, auto, a/c, factory bucket seats, 360cid, 41000 actual miles, second owner, I remember when my friend bought it new. I’ll post a picture next week.

  • Team Blue

    deweymeats Post up! I love all 60’s and 70’s trucks! We can’t run to store for meats and spices (and liquor!) without our favorite rides!

  • Team Blue

    KansasDad I appreciate all of the classics. In many cases the ‘uglier’ the better! There are some truly funky cars from that era. I wish I had the foresight to buy all of those beautiful beasts when I had the chance. I’ve had so many great old cars that averaged about $500. Sadly, it was the ‘demolition derby’ that killed the classic cars. Auto mayhem as entertainment be damned!!!

  • Team Blue

    Here is another reason why I am team blue. I live near the foothills of the beautiful Blue Mountains. The first photo (not mine) is from the family farm. We settled here in the 1860’s. My grandma Dorothy (who I got the car from) grew up on the farm across the road from the barn. The second shot was one I took a few years ago just as the peas were blooming. Beyond the peas are wheat, barley and garbanzo far up the mountains.

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  • Joe Hell That and “Cash for Clunkers”. My sister had a 1969 Malibu SS 396. Black as sin and just as hot! Her son took it to the HS Prom build night and it was stolen from the parking lot. It was found 10 days later just outside a junk yard on cinder blocks and completely stripped. smh Why not just keep it intact and take it to another state?

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