What about the extra's like a spicy dressing for a mixed drink

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    The garden has been making a lot of green beans lately, so I figured to pickled a few spicy,hot,with extras. Guest like a good Bloody Mary sometimes to add with the array of sausages and cheese dish. Give these a couple months to mellow out then refrigerate and add to your Bloody as a dressing. There good for a good year or so with proper seal. I just used the Mrs. Wagers pack (along with some ideas from the Ball book)green beans.jpg and direction plus the carrots. dill, squash, garlic, and jalapenospickled gree been.jpg

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    @tarp Looking good, gorgeous colors! My beans haven’t done much yet but I’m crossing my fingers!

  • Those look good! I can alot of salsa, pasta sauce, pizza sauce, and okra. It’s still too early for my garden to producing much yet, but give it a month, and it will be in full swing. @Jonathon maybe you guys should setup a section for home canning recipes, etc. Does Walton’s carry any canning mixes such as Ms. Wages or Ball?

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    Lucky you guys not having an HOA that monitors everything, I have water fronting property so the only area I can grow a vegetable garden would be where the town has an easement on my property. The town has told me they wont even drive around it if they need to access the power/gas lines, they will just drive right through it. Now, i could do raised beds in the backyard but…I just don’t want to!

  • @Jonathon I do not envy you there where I live the only thing I need a permit for is for outdoor fire/burning

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    Guess I picked a good county. I’m the vice president of the P.O.A ( property owners). so we just keep our road up and trailers houses out. I have my water, boat dock, and lots trees . My biggest problem are deer, but this year I put a 8 ft fence around the garden. Can’t wait to make a Bloody Mary just to try those out. lol

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  • @Tex_77 That’s a tasty piece of meat! It looks like great results @PapaSop It’s amazing how many obscure cuts of beef that were once ground for burger are now choice cuts. I think we can both thank and curse at the millennial food movement on that one! Lol. If we dive into bbq history, brisket is perhaps the best example of a ‘throw away’ but now it’s a most cherished cut!

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  • @PapaSop They don’t need a marinade, but I’m sure it didn’t hurt anything. It’s basically a steak that is cut out of the shoulder/chuck. It has became pretty well know due to marketing efforts through the beef check off. They use to be dirt cheap about 10 years ago, now they can go for about the same price of a ribeye.

    Looks like your end product was pretty tasty!

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  • Never tried this before. Trip to Wally world looking for sale on pork butt. Seen one of these. Looked nicely marbled but had no clue. Quick Google told me it’s flavor full but needs to be marinated.


    Went with first hit I had. Marinade looked good.
    Olive oil, basil, rosemary, garlic, thyme, garlic, salt, pepper and some Cabernet.
    Vacuumed marinated in fridge for half hour while prepping the grill.


    Did a direct sear on these for 1 1/2 min both sides. Then inderect till 125. Pulled, covered in foil, rested for about ten minutes.


    This was incredibly flavorful, moist and tender.

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