Lomo, Pizza and French Fries

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    Weekly Blog Post - Lomo, Pizza and French Fries

    Find out what's going on at Walton's and Meatgistics this week. We will have a loose schedule for soon to be released videos, what we are working on long-term and maybe a few quick tips and tricks that are on our mind!

    What Videos are being released soon?

    We took Youtuber Big Johns Pizza Dough Recipe, some homemade pepperoni, and a freshly made sauce to make an awesome Pizza!

    We also have all the Meat Processing Equipment 20(x) videos shot edited and uploaded. We will be releasing them 1 every week so that they will all be available before the beginning of the busy season!

    What Projects are we looking ahead at?

    We’ve been working on some dry aged Lomo here for the past few weeks, it’s a pork loin that we rubbed with salt (4% of the total weight of the product) and seasoning, then wet aged for a total of 18 days and then dry aged for 28 days. Today we are pulling it from the Eller Drying Cabinet and slicing it paper thin. We will let you know how it turns out!

    What’s on our Mind?

    We wanted to do something that wasn’t based around meat here so I decided to break out our French Fry cutter and make some Sweet Potato Fries with the Potato Seasoning & Garnish but then I wanted something really good so I made Ultimate Cheese Fries! I used Russet Potatoes, Cheese, Bacon, Chorizo, Chunked up Roast Beef and Jalapenos. For dipping sauce I have the Bacon Aioli from Terrapin Ridge Farms.

    Noteworthy Recent Posts

    Last Week @Tex_77 asked What Did Everyone Cook Today? and there were some great answers (and pictures) to that question.

    @Joe-Hell Gives us his First Impression on his Pitboss 770fb and it has some great pics of what he has made on it so far.

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    New Products

    Soluble Sweet Dijon is a new injectable marinade from Excalibur Seasonings that works great with Chicken, Pork or Beef. It has just a hint of sweetness that you’ll love.

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    The Soluble Sweet Dijon sounds fantastic!

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    @Jonathon looking forward to checking out the limo…is it similar to prosciutto?

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    @Dave-R sorry Lomo, dang spell check.

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    @Dave-R Yes, fairly similar to prosciutto it just doesn’t take as long and it is a smaller piece but it relies on the same basic processes. We pulled it the other day and then decided it needed to stay in there a little bit longer! Since we have already waited well over a month there is no reason to let another week or two stop us from having it just how we want it!

  • Looking for help on keeping fresh fruit taste in smoked sausage. We make our own smoked sausage and have tried increasing the amount of pineapple in the sausage, but it seems to go away when we smoke it. Is there a way to avoid this from happening?

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    @CajunGourmet2018 have you tried substituting some of the water for pineapple juice or an extract ?

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    @CajunGourmet2018 You could try making a purée of fresh pineapple and cooking it down until it loses quite a bit of moisture and starts to caramelize. That should concentrate the flavor quite a bit!

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    @CajunGourmet2018 This might sound counterintuitive (and it might be nonsense) but you might end up getting a better result from slightly dehydrating your pineapple pieces first, then the water from the meat will rehydrate the pieces during the cooking process instead of the juice being cooked out of the pineapple during the cooking process.

    Craig and Joes idea might work as well!

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  • Only thing I will add to this is to make sure you are checking your manufacturers directions. If you try to use pellets in a smoker that is designed specifically for chips/dust it could cause major issues depending on you have the vents positioned.

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