Lean to Fat ratio for Venison and Elk Snack Sticks.

  • Im looking to make some venison and elk snack sticks this week. I make them in 5 lb batches and in the past have had limited luck in the overall taste and feel of them. I have added a little more seasoning to some batches as I have not really picked up on the flavors of some. I have been using 80/20 beef on some batches as this is more available to me but now have some venison and elk to try. My question is, is 80/20 lean to fat ratio where I should shoot for or more of a 70/30 ? I do use carrot fiber as well as encapsulated citric acid. Not sure exactly how much water to use with the carrot fiber in a 5 lb batch so maybe this is where my problems start. Any advice would be greatly appreciated .

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    markgolding what are you using for fat? I use nothing less than 70/30 venison/pork. I use 70% lean venison and 30% ground pork and ground pork fat. Some have suggested a 50/50 venison and pork. As far as water i use 5 cups of refridgerated distilled water for a 25lb batch so you would use 1 cup.

  • twilliams

    I am using ground pork. Last batch of venison I went with 8 lbs of venison and 2 lbs of ground pork. The finished product came out very wrinkled and pretty dry tasting. I split the 10 lbs total into two 5 lb batches with different seasonings for each and stuffed.

  • markgolding
    Mark, I have been making sausage for 25 years, I agree with the 70 venison 30 pork for what you are making, two rules of thumb are 1 Oz water for every pound for any type sausage except dry cure and pork butts are usually 80 lean 20 fat!! Hope that helps mike

  • mccullen

    Thank You. I will give that a try.

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