Bora Bora Prawns!

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    This is a little embarrassing…these turned out so good that I forgot to take a picture of the finished product. D’oh!!!

    A friend of mine has owned a Chinese restaurant in my area for decades and had a menu item called the Bora Bora Prawns. There is only 3 ingredients but they are amazing. About 10 years ago he merged with another business owner that now runs the restaurant and he took over the duties for the bar. When this transition happened several menu items were removed and somehow the prawns didn’t make the cut. I had never made these before but the memories were vivid.

    This is perhaps one of the easiest appetizers on the planet and it’s sure to impress the guests.

    You only need three things…Sliced Chinese BBQ pork, Shrimp/Prawns and Bacon. That’s it. You don’t even need seasoning. Stack them up, wrap it in bacon, skewer and grill. BOOM!

    For my cook cycle I used the Pit Boss at 225 until the shrimp and bacon got some color…30-35 minutes perhaps. I had just enough BBQ sauce left over from a rib project earlier in the day to give them a glaze although they would have been fine on their own. After applying the glaze I used the sear feature on the grill to give them a crispy exterior. Normally I would take pics to share with you guys but the urge to stuff them in my face was overwhelming. I apologize! I have enough ingredients to make a couple more tonight so I can show the finished product.

    Here is the before…the after will come later!



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    Joe Hell I was getting ready to complain about the lack of an after shot! We eagerly await!

  • Team Blue

    Jonathon I should probably run to the store for some more pork. I might only have enough to make two at most…that’s simply not enough.

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    Joe Hell
    That looks to simple not to be delicious. That’s going on the to do list. Not sure where I’ll find Chinese bbq pork around these parts.

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    PapaSop I just ran to the store and got the last one…it’s tiny but it will work for a few skewers tonight! I generally find it in the meat case near the fresh pork and ham. There are also many recipes you can find online to make it yourself. I’ve done it sucessfully in the past but it’s been years since I have tried doing it. Maybe that will be another project to dive into!

    You could always go to a Chinese restaurant and get an order of pork to go!

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    The key to every great meal (no matter how simple) is in the preparation!


  • Team Blue

    As promised. Simply three ingredients.




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    We used to do the shrimp in bacon years ago. I glad you reminded me of how yummy those are. I will have to try BBQ with them. The bacon saves the shrimp from being cooked to much and dried out. There on my menu soon!!!
    Those make me hungry…

  • Team Blue

    tarp The addition of bbq pork makes them quite hearty and rich. They would be great with Chinese mustard and sesame seeds on the side! The cook was a little longer than I remembered (thanks tequila). It was closer to 45 minutes set to 200 before the sear.

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    Joe Hell
    Yep…Got to do that. Going on a Chinese pork hunt. (already have the tequila)

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