Pulled pork

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    Hey all, i am gonna be doing a smoked pulled pork for a 4th of July family get together. I bought the soluble Pa’s black bull, butter garlic seasoning, prime rib seasoning, and ultimate pork chop and roast rub. Keep in mind i cant have it spicy for the family members. So i was thinking first with the black bull of using chicken broth to make it injectable instead of water. Also for the rub using the butter garlic, or should i use the ultimate pork rub instead

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    twilliams I would think that broth or beer would work great with the Pa’s.

    Perhaps you could try tying a piece of twine around the butt vertically and apply one rub to each side to try both at once? Like a half and half pizza!

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    twilliams The broth will work well as long as it is thin enough to not bother your injector. As for the seasoning, I would go with the ultimate pork rub as the butter garlic and Pa’s don’t seem like they will compliment each other as well, at least to me, I could be wrong though!

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