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    Meat Fact Friday - Why Use Pork Fat?

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    When making any type of sausage out of leaner cuts we always recommend that you add pork fat. Fat plays a few important roles in sausage making including binding, flavor, and texture, wild game or lean cuts just don’t have enough fat to give you a quality sausage. You can add other types of fats but pork fat does have some characteristics that make it uniquely suited for use in sausage.

    1) Best Creaminess <1–(Way to Overcome or use to advantage, try to add link to product) -->

    First pork has the lowest melting and solidifying temperature of any of the major red meat fat sources. This is part of the reason that it has such a nice creaminess to it, this helps coat the inside of your mouth when you are eating it and allows the flavors from the sausage to linger longer. As you can see here the texture of this pork fat is much different than the beef fat. Now, part of that is the pork is belly fat and the beef is fat I trimmed from the round but the larger portion of it is the general difference between beef and pork fat.

    2) Appearance

    Second Pork Fat is a nice Bright white color making it very appealing in products like Summer Sausage, Pepperoni or Salami where we are really looking for particle definition. Beef fat tends to have a light yellowness to it that just doesn’t pop as well as the pork fat does. The only other red meat fat that I am aware of that is as nice and white is goat and that brings us to another reason, flavor.

    3) Flavor

    Pork fat has a very neutral flavor to it meaning that it won’t interfere with the flavor of your sausage much, if at all. Beef fat tends to have a pretty strong beefy flavor which isn’t necessarily unpleasant but it is strong.

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