Reuben Brat Question

  • Hi all, I am planning to make some Reuben brats tomorrow and the package says to use Sure Cure… Is that right? I thought Sure Sure was for cured meats and not for brats. Please let me know whether to use Sure Cure. I don’t have any so, if required, is there something else I can use?

  • I stand corrected on the Sure Cure - I have several packets but I am still unclear that I should use it…

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    Rueben can be done either way, I personally prefer them fresh butter include the sure cure to give you the option! Good luck, Rueben is one of my favorites especially with some kraut!!!

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    @dbueling Save the sure cure for a rainy day if going for a fresh brat. If you want a more authentic Reuben add some kraut and a pinch of caraway seed! I’ve also been known to grind some pastrami into the mix. High temp Swiss is a good addition as well!

    I’m going to pull some Reuben brats out of the freezer to help you mark the occasion!

  • Awesome, thanks for the input. Have to go to the store and pickup some caraway seeds and kraut. Have a great Sunday!

  • One last question please. Suggestions on where to start with the amounts of kraut and caraway seeds for a 10 lb batch? Thanks in advance!

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    @dbueling really is a matter of taste, last time I did 14 oz can to a 25 lb batch and that wasn’t enough for me. Maybe try 20 oz to 10 lb?

    @Austin do you have any thoughts on this?

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    @Jonathon @dbueling
    For the Reuben Brat, I would use approximately two 15 oz cans of sauerkraut for a 25 lb batch.
    If you wanted to make a sauerkraut brat with that as the main flavor profile, you could use up to 5 lb of sauerkraut.
    For caraway, I’m seeing anywhere from 20 grams to 100 grams in a 100 lb batch of sausage, but nothing specific for a reuben or sauerkraut brat.

  • Jonathan, Joe and Austin, thanks so much for your input. I ended up using 20 ounces of krat, 6 ounces or thousand island dressing and 1 TBLS of caraway seeds for a 10 pound batch. The only change I might make next time is to add more caraway. That said, these were the best brats I have EVER had and may family agreed so thank you!!

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    @dbueling That’s great to hear! I generally go by eye on additions like caraway. I’ve got some Reuben brats stashed away in the freezer. I think I’ll have to pull some out this week. I just love them with copious amounts of horseradish or hot mustard.

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