Flat iron steak.

  • Never tried this before. Trip to Wally world looking for sale on pork butt. Seen one of these. Looked nicely marbled but had no clue. Quick Google told me it’s flavor full but needs to be marinated.


    Went with first hit I had. Marinade looked good.
    Olive oil, basil, rosemary, garlic, thyme, garlic, salt, pepper and some Cabernet.
    Vacuumed marinated in fridge for half hour while prepping the grill.


    Did a direct sear on these for 1 1/2 min both sides. Then inderect till 125. Pulled, covered in foil, rested for about ten minutes.


    This was incredibly flavorful, moist and tender.

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    @PapaSop They don’t need a marinade, but I’m sure it didn’t hurt anything. It’s basically a steak that is cut out of the shoulder/chuck. It has became pretty well known due to marketing efforts through the beef check off. They use to be dirt cheap about 10 years ago, now they can go for about the same price of a ribeye.

    Looks like your end product was pretty tasty!

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    @Tex_77 That’s a tasty piece of meat! It looks like great results @PapaSop It’s amazing how many obscure cuts of beef that were once ground for burger are now choice cuts. I think we can both thank and curse at the millennial food movement on that one! Lol.

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    @Tex_77 Hangar Steak used to be the same way, nice and cheap and then it became popular and prices went up on it. Problem is that it is made from the diaphragm (i am pretty sure) and there is only one of them on each cattle.

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    @Jonathon You are correct on that. Where I’m at I can get it for $4.99#, sometime I am even able to get it prime. It requires quite a bit of trimming if buying it whole muscle untrimmed like I am able to do, but the beef flavor is outstanding. What really gets me is, skirt steak being the same price or higher then ribeyes or strips!

  • @Tex_77
    Yep. Pleasantly surprised. $8 for an 8oz cut. Don’t know if that’s good or bad but well worth it.

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    @PapaSop Well in my market that would be way over priced. That would make it $16/# which you could buy prime rib-eyes for here.

  • This used to be sold cheap as top blade steak. Then it was cheap. Calling it a flat-iron steak was an effective marking ploy that more than tripled the cost of what the top blade steaks were selling for.

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    @dmm2020 Ah ha! I remember that cut but it’s been years since I’ve seen it!

  • @Tex_77
    Wow. Looking at it in that perspective it does seem a little high. Local grocer just put their 10oz ribeye’s on sale for $8. Picked up five of them. That’s a deal around here. Local butchers can’t even match that.

  • @dmm2020
    Yep. Remember that cut. Haven’t seen it in a long time.

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    @PapaSop BTW…your wine of choice there was made within an hours drive of me. I have been to that winery many, many times…all of their locations. I worked at a neighboring winery with a vineyard on the same mountain known as Canoe Ridge. The peak divided the two vineyards. We referred to crossing the boundary as ‘going over to the dark side’. It sits in view of the widest point of the Columbia River and is known as one of the best Walleye fishing areas in the state.

  • @Joe-Hell
    Nice. Actually thought you might be familiar with that. I work for a wholesale wine & spirits distributor and we do carry the Canoe Ridge varieties. That walleye fishing sounds interesting. Walleye is top dog around here. Beer battered is my fav. Have never grilled or smoked it though.

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    @PapaSop I’ve been in the wine industry for about 25 years (on and off) and made wine for my folks winery. When we bonded our winery we were number 65 in the valley or something like that…11 years later there was over 150!

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