Modifying a Masterbilt Cold Smoker Attachment

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    I have a couple of these at this point, and for what they are, they are not bad… But, Im looking to do more with them…

    Right out of the box these do a passive smoke delivery using the convective currents of the smoker to draw the smoke into the smoke chamber and out the upper vent…

    I’m looking to install a venturi pipe powered by a high powered aquarium pump to gently push the smoke into the smoker thus allowing a higher concentration of smoke…

    I have an assortment of 3/4" ID black pipe nipples and fittings to use for the outer pipe (smoke delivery) of the venturi system… Then I will use a 1/4 ID piece of copper tubing for the inner pipe (air delivery)

    I was just wondering if there were any engineers out there that might know how to derive a formula to computer for distances “A” and “B” in the attached pic…venturi.jpeg

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    raider2119 I wonder if you could put an icebox between that and the unit to pass your smoke over ice first? I’ve never done that but from what I hear the smoke that comes off of ice is preferred for cold smoking. You seem to have more experience with that than I do, have you ever tried it?

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    Jonathon When I was playing around with cold smoking the milk / cream for ice cream I did a coil of copper tubing, a moonshiners worm, to allow the smoke to cool… I had planned on putting the worm into a coffee can and packing it with ice for additional cooling, but it clogged with creosote and failed before I ever got that far… I assume it might not have clogged so quickly if I had used a larger diameter copper tubing, (or your “ice chamber” idea).

    Additional fail was because I was forcing air through the fire chamber of the cold smoker causing a very hot fire… The resulting smoke was incredibly bitter and not pleasing.

    I kind of gave up because I had to come up with a better smoke delivery system… That’s why I’m working on this venturi idea now…

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    raider2119 hmmm…the moonshine reference is giving me some ideas with cold smoking. There are some hardware options with stainless steel Tri-clover fittings that might work well for cooling the smoke. They are cost prohibitive in a general sense but if you happened to have the parts on hand for other purposes it might just work!

    This is a shotgun condenser. It has a cold water inlet/outlet on the outside of the tube. Alcohol vapors pass through the inside tubes as the water cools them and condenses them back into liquid. Such a device could be used to cool the smoke as well.

    Now I’ve got my head spinning thinking of all the crazy uses for my stainless fitting stock pile!


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    Joe Hell That looks cool, though my junk pile generally does not include those kind of high end parts…

    I was talking with a plumber the other day and he offered to let me come scavenge his junk pile for a ring burner w/ pilot light and thermostat assembly from an old propane water heater… Hopefully this means my next smoker is going to be a gas smoker… but with accurate thermostatic controls

    BTW, while Im not thrilled with using pellets, I do love the new Traeger smoker commercials… none of us want our food to end up tasting like (g)a*s… :)

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    raider2119 I have all the parts/equipment to start a small winery, brewery and distillery gathering dust. I have several 60 gallon stainless drums…one of which could be used to make one heck of an impressive smoker. If only I could afford to hire a welder capable of the task.

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    Joe Hell I grew up trying to use a standard arc welder, and my welding skills were HORRIBLE… A few years ago I picked up a light duty mig welder from Harbor Freight which makes it a much easier job… I still wouldn’t want to have to depend on my welds for anything structural, I can certainly do acceptable tack welding, and even run short seams that once I grind them off, still hold and look fairly acceptable… Oh, and they are pretty cheap, about $125… of course, I ended up spending about $150 for a good auto-darkening helmet…

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    Joe Hell you could make the smoker look like a still just to impress nosy neighbors

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    craigrice Pit Boss has a smoker they call the ‘Whiskey Still’! The neighbors might even be more impressed if I made some booze! Lol. Hopefully an opportunity will arise that I can use the equipment commercially again.


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    Joe Hell I have seen those and I am here to be a sample judge lol.

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    craigrice It’s too bad we have distance going against us…I’d love to host some grillin’ and drinkin’! A Walton’s ‘family’ reunion could be a good time. G’night Jon boy!

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    Joe Hell after 32 plus years driving a truck Washington is one state I have never been to

  • Team Blue

    craigrice oh man! Washington is a gorgeous place to be! I took a drive yesterday in the blue mountains and it was gorgeous. I live on the border of Oregon and took roads I’ve never been on…quite rare. On a clear day you can see most of the prevalent volcanoes in the area! Hundreds of miles from here but it’s very impressive to see the peaks!

    In a few weeks we will lose the rolling green hills to maturing wheat. My family has been here for more than 150 years. I can’t imagine living anywhere else

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    Joe Hell my wife has a close friend that lives in Portland or. she had lived in phoenix and Alaska she loved both

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    craigrice Portland is pretty awesome. My kid lives across the river in Vancouver, Wa… Portland is a foodie mecca! I’d like to visit both Phoenix and Alaska! I have Family in Anchorage. The pictures they post are incredible!

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    Joe Hell Our next door neighbor is a Hindu Temple… There are days when the smell from the smokers permeate the entire area… I know they would be happier if I were making booze…

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    raider2119 LOL! I bet more than a few would be willing to take a bite!

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