• Thought I was all ready to go to make some bellies into bacon only to find I’ve only got 3 oz. of Bacon Taste Booster. I’m doing 30 lbs of bellies and have enough Maple Bacon Cure–estimating I’ll need 3 lbs (1 1/2 gallons) to make enough pump and dilute enough to cover in lug I’ve got. I’d normally use about 9 oz. of Bacon Taste booster. I really like using the taste booster per recipe. What is going to happen with only 3 oz.? Is there any other seasoning I could add to ‘supplement’ or should I just go with it? Assuming there is no requirement for any taste booster to get full cure.

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    folsomwest This would have been a fine time to use the urgent category by the way! Any time you are getting ready to process and have a time sensitive question, especially over the weekend, you can use the urgent category and it will alert Austin and I to check in on it right away.

    Bacon taste booster gives you more of an old-world flavor when using modern curing methods, so using 1/3 of what you would normally use isn’t going to cause you any real issues, it might just not taste as strong and bold as you are used to. I am not aware of anything you could use that would replace this additive. If you were looking for a way to increase the taste you might consider rubbing the outside of the belly with something, like your favorite rub, or dehydrated jalapenos before smoking it!

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