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    We do a LOT of sausage/hot dogs typically over 500# a year and we spend a lot of time mixing meat. We like the 50/50 pork/venison mix for pretty much everything. I’m looking for an efficient way to mix large batches. We’ve been through the 20#/44# mixers, we’ve torn them up…welded and reinforced the 44# paddle but when you have a 35# hydraulic stuffer it’s hard to keep up mixing. Sooooo… here’s the debate, meat mixer or I was thinking a 20 quart Hobart stand mixer with a paddle may work…lots’ of versatility and easy buy/sell…
    Any thoughts on this one? Need to find a friend with a pizza shop that would let me do some testing!!!

    I’m thinking either would run me about $1000 if I can find a used one and not pay for shipping.

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    I have been eyeing commercial mixers for just that reason…not that I’m going through that type of quantity. There were two in a bakery auction last week that I had bid on but the price jumped rapidly once it hit the final hours.

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    Do you think a legit stand mixer with a paddle or dough hook would work?

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    @Parksider I would think so. I could do an experiment with my consumer sized stand mixer. I’ll see whats on sale this week and try to make it happen.

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    @Parksider Our big commercial-style mixers are this basic design. I use the Talsa MIX30p when I am going large batches and it works like a dream. One very interesting thing about this is that it is going to give your protein extraction without changing the appearance of your meat much. I was convinced it wasn’t working because it did not look like it normally did when I used the Weston mixers but our application specialist told me to stop the mixer and test it and it was very sticky and elastic but still had gorgeuos particle definition.

    It should work for you, we obviously can’t guarantee it but planetary/bread style mixers usually will work as dough to make bread is tougher to get through than meat.

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    @Joe-Hell Thanks for testing it, let us know the results!

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    @Jonathon My mixer has been known to dislodge the bowl and toss it around wildly when mixing some of the stiffer doughs. lol. I can’t imagine ground meat putting up too much of a fight!

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    Do you by chance have a pic on how you reinforced that paddle? I had the same problem first time out with the 44# mixer and only had 15# of meat in it. The paddle actually snapped. Weston did send a replacement mixing shaft but would like to avoid this going forward.

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    Years ago we picked up a 20 qt Hobart mixer, it makes life easier, cost was $200 at a auction and all the toys came with it!! We use the dough hook to mix all our meat, it holds 25 pounds which for us is perfect for our batches!! The Holbart was made in the 60’s and we have had it 20 years with no problems 😜😜

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    @PapaSop Here ya go. We have a friend who runs a welding shop in town and he did this for us. Holding up well so far but I tend to baby it. IMG-0811 (1).JPG IMG-0810 (1).JPG

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    @mccullen WOW!! I’d need a gun and a ski mask to get an Hobart a200 for $200 now. I just IM a guy on Facebook marketplace had one for $500…GONE…ugh…If anyone sees one around Rochester NY let me know!!!

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    Just remember I bought it 20 years ago, 🙈🙈🙈

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    @Parksider I have a 44# ribbon mixer that attaches to my grinder, and I also have an older 20 qt Hobart. The Hobart works great for sausage using a paddle. I usually make 15 pound batchs of sticks because that it the max for my smoke. You might be able to mix 20 lbs it it and still be able to scrape it down to get good distribution. You get great protien extraction. Maybe someone else has tried a larger batch.

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    Thanks. I actually thought about having a weld run down the middle of each paddle on both sides. Thought it might reinforce it even more.

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    @mccullen You lucked out!!! I watched three 20q mixers go for $800, and 2 others over $900 in the past 2 weeks…

    I’d like to get one, and should have sprung for one of the $800 ones, but I knew that a Vacmaster 215 was coming up this week and I held out to buy that… ended up paying $520, it’s in near perfect condition, oil is clean, pump is strong, all it needs is new teflon strip over the heater wire…

  • I have in house an a200/paddle mixer that I used in a former life to mix Honey Bee Pollen substitute. Does anyone use this unit to mix small batches of ground beef, pork, etc. (up to about 10-12 lb. max. size batches?? If yes, please share the benefit of your opinion. Best Regards, Tommy

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    If I had one I’d be using it. I think it would hold 25# which is the perfect size batch for what we do. I’m not sure about the small batches, I’d give it a shot. Key is to get protein extraction-sticky and elastic, that’s when you know you’ll have a good batch…usually!

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