• I’m setting up to do (2) 25# batches of all beef snack sticks over the next week. I’m also planning on doing a 3rd batch with Chicken, Gigawatt Seasoning, Mozzarella Cheese, ECA, & Sure Gel. My question is… I plan to use 17#'s Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs (Breasts if I can’t find that many thighs) mixed With 8 #'s fat. I don’t have 8#'s of Pork Fat on hand. Do you all think an uncured pork belly would be a good substitute for the pork fat, and if so should I adjust the meat to fat ratio since the belly isn’t all fat?

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    PaulGrant I would think that pork belly would work great! You would want to adjust your ratio a small amount although I’m not sure of an exact figure.

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    PaulGrant Thighs are pretty fatty to begin with, have you tried making a patty just to see how they come out before you add any pork? When testing new recipes that’s what i do. I just don’t know taste/texture wise how that would come out. Pork belly has a very high fat ratio, might be too much, you could always just use a pork butt. I tend to buy boneless pork butts at Restaurant Depot. If you have one close by they have really good prices.

  • I agree with Parksider on the chicken thighs. Made many batches of various flavors using only thighs. Haven’t found the need to add extra fat. Sometimes I do add a little more seasonings, maybe 10 to 15% more. I also use carrot fiber for added moisture retention.

  • Team Blue

    msalmon I used boneless/skinless chicken thighs on my recent chorizo and added a ratio of fat to bring it to 30+% although I was looking for a fatty product as chorizo tends to be quite high in content. It wasn’t until I started stuffing that I remembered that was going to use a little carrot fiber. D’oh! Surprisingly they didn’t lose much fat when cooking.

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