Dill Pickle Flavored Almonds

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    Dill Pickle Almonds

    Dill Pickle Almonds

    Learn how to make Dill Pickle Almonds with Walton's and Meatgistics. Watch the video, read the guide, and then post your questions or comments below.

    Pour Water into Seasoning
    Stir in Seasoning
    Bake for 8 minutes
    Add Salt & Vinegar Shake


    The Dill Pickle Jerky and Snack Stick Seasoning is quickly climbing the list of most versatile seasonings, a while ago Joe Hell said he used some to make some awesome almonds, so we thought we would give it a try in our new kitchen and see what it was like!

    “Meat” Block

    Almonds (8 oz)
    Dill Pickle Jerky/Snack Stick Seasoning (1 tablespoon)
    Olive Oil
    Boiled Water
    Excalibur’s Salt & Vinegar Wing Shake


    Fully dissolve 1 oz of the Dill Pickle Seasoning in a small amount of very hot water. Mix with almonds and shake/stir very well for even distribution. Lay almonds out flat on a pan coated in foil and cook at 375° for 8 minutes. Pull from oven, spray lightly with spray olive oil and then shake on some Salt & Vinegar Wing Shake

    The addition of the Salt & Vinegar Shake here changed the overall taste, without that the main flavor was just the dill, there wasn’t any real pickle flavor but the vinegar in the wing shake really brought it all together.

    Watch WaltonsTV: Dill Pickle Almonds

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    I have used this recipe and cooked them on the pit boss at 250 after the initial oven phase. It really seemed to help with the dryness and ensured maximum crunchiness. A mix of Teriyaki, Habanero Lime and coarse salt and sugar came out close to a slightly smokey BBQ flavor.

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    Joe Hell The Chorizo almonds turned out great! I adjusted the recipe a bit myself by increasing (as you did) the seasoning to one TBL per half pound of almonds. This time I did the entire process on the pit boss and roasted them for closer to 12-13 minutes or until they looked uniformly ‘dry’.

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    Joe Hell whenever you get the time post some pics? Also, I know you arent a big Instagram user BUT if you posted them and tagged us in them I would then go back and tag you in all of the pics I have used here. You should be able to get a decent following rather quickly, not that you’d care but it is pretty fun and you do take great pictures.

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    Jonathon Sure thing! I do need to get active with Instagram as I plan out a blog. I’ll start on that tomorrow!

    My ‘diet’ lunch includes a few cucumber slices with avocado dip, pepperoncini, home smoked Colby Jack, salami and chorizo almonds.


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