• Over the last few weeks I’ve left a product review, and “asked a question” on a product page. Does it take awhile to have these reviews and questions to be approved, or am I doing something wrong because they do not show on the site. Maybe it’s my browser? I’m using Chrome. I got an email thanking me for my review a few weeks ago, but it’s never been posted on the product page, and the question I asked under Salami Seasoning doesn’t exist… Not a big deal, I just wanted to make someone aware in case there is an issue.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    PaulGrant Hi Paul, I see a review from you on the Salami Seasoning and yes those can take a while to post, sometimes quicker than others but I don’t see a question that came through from you. I am the one who monitors that so I would have seen it by now if it was going to come through, so something must have happened. What was your question on the seasoning?

  • Jonathon Thank You, My review was on the Willies Seasoning (at least that’s what I think I reviewed… Lol)
    My question for the Salami Seasoning is how much garlic punch does it have, and if I wanted to add more should I use fresh minced garlic, garlic powder or granular, and if you think it’s necessary how much for 25 pounds? Thanks Again!

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    Yup, that review from a paul was from February, go easy on me, it is a Monday morning and I still must be half asleep!

    The reviews can take a while but they should show up, I don’t see why it wouldn’t already be showing up. I searched by product and by the email address you have attached to your meatgistics accounts and don’t come up with any questions. Austin might be able to give us a little more information on what is going on?

    We use chrome here so that shouldn’t be part of the issue.

  • Team Orange Walton's Employee Admin

    Jonathon I don’t see any questions out there for this. I saw the review and it should be published now, but nothing for a submitted question there…

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