What's the best way to order your products?

  • Are you a mail order house??? Do you have any customer service?? Is your ordering just hunt and peck and hope we get the correct blends. Your site is an overload on cooking recipes. But zilch info on customer service and product uses and how to do’s.
    To whomever is in charge of this Meatgistics site, where are your products and services.
    Thanks guys, and please point me in the correct direction. I lov talking to one on one. Not some idiot robo computer.

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    Ode -Tom at the bottom of this page click on shop Walton’s then scroll to bottom contact info. is there

  • craigrice, thanks for the info. Very good help. I shall get my order ready today. Best regards.

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    Ode -Tom as craigrice said meatgistics is a small piece of Walton’s Inc. We try to give some knowledge on using the products but we don’t directly sell really, we do have the banner at the top of the page that will take you to any category you need within waltonsinc.com. Maybe Austin and I need to sit down and look at a more obvious way of doing this…

    Has anyone else had that issue? Does anyone have any ideas on how to make it easier?

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    Ode -Tom Jonathon wow I have found Walton’s is one of the most help “meat centric” companies on the market. Meatgistics is a resource for enthusiasts to share and ask questions. Please reach out to the blog, you will be surprised with the wealth of information people are willing to share. DR

  • A question on the availability a product please, it’s out there somewhere but can’t put my finger on it. I have a list of everything I need to get started but the smoker rods to hold the snack sticks while smoking. Best regards, Tommy

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee

  • Hi J, Thanks for your input. I have a small smoker that I need 14 in.SS rods to hang my snack sticks using collage casing. My racks are 14.25 in. outside rail to outside rail. This rack info is just for a measurement for the rods. Trying not to confuse the issue. Where can I order??
    Thanks, Tommy. This last item (I think/hope) to get me up to mixing, cooking, and smoking. A very, very long process, hope like heck that first stick is goood, It will be expensive as hell.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee

    Ode -Tom We won’t have anything that would be that short, the only ones we carry are the ones for commercial or larger home smokers. The only thing I could say would be to cut one of those down? Other than that I don’t know where to point you, most smokers come with ones that are designed for their smokers.

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    Ode -Tom I have cut down wooden closet dowels, they work great for smokers

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    Dave R That’s basically what is in our PK-100. Just thick dowels that they treated with some sort of stain or cover to prevent heat damage to the surface.

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    I cut a hickory log down into 3/4" triangles they work good. Good support and they are don’t slide and are soft enough not to tear the casings. Never had an issue.

  • Message please to Jonathon and/or Austin. Now You have really confused me. Craigrice mentions going to the bottom of page then going to top of page then clicking thru about 100 different products and each one has about ten sub categories. That’s a lot of time and effort using the hunt and peck method trying to order from you. In all honesty, a real PITA. Now you tell me above that you give some knowledge on using the products but you don’t directly sell.the products.

    BTW, You showed cold phosphate in 5 lb. bag for $25 and small round brushes to clean stuffer tubes. Connected the chat room and was hung up on and the contact us number has not returned my calls. Been about 10 working days
    Please, please Jonathon or Austin, Just tell me your procedure, system for ordering about 15+ different items from you? I’m not mad, kinda upset as a customer with money and no customer service to place an order with. Please follow up and tell me what to do. In detail please. My very best regards. Tommy

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    Ode -Tom Sorry for the confusion, so to make it clear meatgistics.com is a subsection of Walton’s Inc. What we attempt to do on meatgistics isn’t necessarily sell things as much as provide the knowledge on how to get the most out of the seasonings/supplies that you buy from Walton’s INc.

    So the easiest way to order products is just to go directly to www.waltonsinc.com and using the menu bar (I included an image of that below) to go directly to the section you are looking for. So, if you wanted to purchase some cold phosphate you would hover over the Seasonings section with your cursor, which would then drop down a menu and you would select additives from that list.

    To make these two items simpler though here is the link to Cold Phosphate and here are the Stuffing tube brushes

    Hope this helps, if not let me know!



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