• How long do yall’ wet age a brisket ? Or maybe I should ask how long can you wet age a brisket ? I have left some as long as 20 days but thinking about trying a little longer.

    Big D

  • Team Orange Walton's Employee Admin

    I’d say 30-45 days still isn’t too long. I wouldn’t go much past 45 though.
    As long as it is still in the original vacuum packaging, and the packaging doesn’t start to expand (gas released from the meat), you should be fine wet aging for quite some time. When you open the package, you should notice pretty quickly if it sat too long and spoiled. The odor will be quite foul and noticeable. So, I’d shoot for the 30-45 day mark, and you should be good with that.

  • Im at about 27 days with a couple now. Probably fire up the smoker mid week.

    Thanks Austin !

  • companies like IBP will back the product up to 30 days from kill date. at work I age hung beef usually 60 to 90 days. but it’s not wet aged.

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