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    Has anyone else ever tried an electric handheld double paddle mortar mixer to mix meat. Just got one and tried it out on a small 9 lb. Batch of pepperoni meat Cigars. Worked great and got good protien extraction. I have
    one of those 20 lb. Hand mixers. Its better than mixing by hand but is a pain to unload product with this double paddle i use a big stainless stock pot. Wish I’d thought of this years ago but better late than never.

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    @rhjbarney now that looks interesting!! I’m going to have to look into this.

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    @rhjbarney I like that idea!

  • @rhjbarney I am intrigued. I also have a 20lb hand mixer and it is a bit of pain. I may have to give that a go.

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    @erich52 @rhjbarney i have a Weston 20 and 44# mixers and pretty much destroyed both to a certain degree and had to rebuilt/ get new parts from Weston- which they have been great about.
    The minute I add cure to any sticks the mixer has a fit and wants to implode. So I feel like my choices are limited. I’m looking at the 50# standalone mixer I found one for under $1000 which is still a lot for hobby time but with the volume we do I don’t know this handheld will get the job done. I usually mix 25# batches in the 44# which is all it can take. So that works out from a production standpoint, most mixes are 25# and my hydraulic stuffer can hold about 30# or so.
    Just not sure this is the answer… but price might be right!

  • @Parksider it certainly feels like a good solution. Stainless steel pots can come in some pretty good sizes for different meat blocks and I would imagine that this mixer would not even be stressed with 25# of meat given that the mud/mortar mixes are much more dense and are heavier in nature. For the price I am definitely going to try this fall. Keep me posted on your results.

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    @rhjbarney good idea,

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    @rhjbarney I like the idea I have a nephew that has hung drywall for years I am sure he can point me to a reliable model

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    @rhjbarney @Dave-R @craigrice I see where you’re going with this. I guess I’m to the point I’ve spent $100 on the small mixer, $200 on the larger mixer, now another $100-$200 on this…This is where I cut my losses and just get the 50lb meat mixer. I know it’s not cheap but i’m tired of getting so far in just to come to the reality I should have spent the money in the first place… I feel like I’m hovering between the hobby doing 5 or 10 pounds and a pro shop since were doing well over 600# of stuff a year at this point.

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    @Parksider I feel ya! I tend to get serious with my hobbies. When I started making beer it was 5 gallons at a time because I didn’t realize it’s just as easy and time consuming to make 15. Why bottle beer when you can just go straight to a full size keg? I used to use the kitchenaid to make sausage…it was almost a battle to do a few pounds. Enter a dedicated grinder and stuffer. Faster, easier, more meats!!!

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    @Jonathon I have not tried WD-40 yet, the brass piece on the knob end seems to move freely, and seems to have full range of travel… just not far enough to allow the mixer paddle to slip free… There is no rust, in fact, this appears to be brand new… don’t even see any scratches on the plastic lid…

    I have removed the handle / crank, but the brass piece on that side is still in the mixer… It appears this inserts from the inside, and to remove it the paddle must be removed first… am I somehow wrong about this?

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  • @craigrice Currently the only least expensive thing we have that will do this is the E-Z Slider and that is beyond what anyone would want to spend on something to make homemade sliders.

    If weston or anyone else ever makes a slider press that hooks up to the stuffers or grinders you can be sure we will sell them!

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  • Okay, Im sure you’ve already done this but in the one on the left the knob is screwed in and somewhat loose, on the left it is screwed in all the way AND I am pulling back on it, it drags the thicker part back into the recess. Also, I assume you have removed the screw and the handle from the other side and pulled out the brass piece over there as well?

    I assume you have tried that as you attempted to spread out the sides. I’d try shooting some blaster or wd40 from both the inside and around the knob area and let it sit on its side a little. I think it is most likely going to be a rusty spring or rust on the threads and that blaster stuff is pretty amazing at dealing with rust.

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