Addatives Encapsulated Citric Acid

  • Austin I read in your catalog not to regrind meat with encapsulated citric acid could you explain why you should not regrind? We coarse gring into our mixer then add seasonings regrind fine and stuff into cassings from the grinder.
    Also could you explain why do not hold overnight what happens if a emergency came up and you could not smoke right away and you had to hold over night in the fridge?
    Thanks your videos are great.

  • Admin

    Encapsulated citric acid is a citric acid coated with hydrogenated cotton seed oil which melts during thermal processing, releasing the citric acid at the correct time during smoking or cooking. If you re-grind with encapsulated citric acid in the meat product, you risk breaking the encapsulate and not having it release normally and at the correct time. If you had an emergency and had to hold overnight, you probably just make due with what you have. The meat product won’t go bad, but you risk the encapsulate not doing what is supposed to do in this case as well. You will still end up with a sausage that is completely edible in both scenarios, but it may not be in the ideal form and end result you were expecting.

    Hope that helps! Let me know if I can help clarify anything further!

  • @Austin thanks for the quick reply.
    Your explanation was very informative.
    If I put a kidney plate in my grinder and a stuffing tube would that damage the encapsulated citric acid?

  • Admin

    @Papa-Gale That would probably be fine. I’d typically use a Star Stuffing Adapter in that scenario with a grinder, but you could run the grinder without a knife in it and the kidney plate. The plate should hold the auger in place and with the larger holes on the kidney plate, it should minimize any over-working, smearing of meat, or breaking of capsules. Might consider it still slightly less ideal than using a star stuffing adapter or slightly less than using a sausage stuffer, but I’d be confident enough in that process that it would be successful and shouldn’t be a big deal.

    Let me know if I can help with anything else!

  • @Austin does the cotton seed coating melt at 152? I ran a batch with the recommended rate and it was extremely sour vs tangy as I expected. If I didn’t hit my target temp would that have been the issue. I’ve been hesitant ever since or use half the amt. thx Jeff

  • Admin

    @Jnar4 It melts at about 135 F. (Recommended to be above that temp for 1 hour). If you had a problem using it before, you can definitely use less. We recommend 4oz per 25lb of meat, but you’d be fine to use less if you think you want some tanginess but it’s too strong at the normal level. If you wanted, you can remove it from your process entirely. If you don’t use encapsulated citric acid, you just lose the tangy flavor and some of the the shelf stability benefits of having a lower pH, and you may want to then add a different cure accelerator (Smoked Meat Stabilizer) if you cook immediately after stuffing.

    Let me know if I can help with anything more.

  • I made 20 lbs of Summer Sausage with and 20 lbs without ECA. Both batches were my normal recipe. The batches with ECA were definitely tangy…maybe to much.

    I was looking for an alternative to Fermento as the recipe calls. What I have used in the past is Powdered Buttermilk. I have to hold it in the fridge for a couple of days to get the tang I want. ECA is great if don’t want to wait to smoke the meats. I usually need to mix and stuff one day…then smoke another, starting first thing in the morning. That way the batch is finished before I want to go to bed. Has anyone else used powdered buttermilk?

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    If the ECA was too tangy, you can just use less, if you are happy with the results of your sausage else wise.
    The amount we typically recommend (4 oz per 25 lb meat) is at a level to try and lower the pH enough to get as close to reaching more of a shelf stable product as we can. But, it doesn’t have to be used at that high of a usage level.

    I can’t recommend to use buttermilk, because I’ve never used it. The concept kind of makes sense though. You are adding something with a lower pH than the meat, to get the meat pH just a bit lower and add some tangy flavor. The biggest problem I see though with using something like buttermilk and immediately lowering the pH is this… A lower pH will reduce water holding capacity, and can make a sausage dry and crumbly after cooking. This is one reason why encapsulated citric acid is coated, and that coating doesn’t melt until 135 F +. If you add buttermilk and lower that pH immediately, I am not sure that the results will be quite the same, and you could end up with a dryer or crumbly sausage. I’ve never used buttermilk though, so I can’t say for sure, but that’s my thoughts anyways.

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  • Making Bratwurst from Jerky Seasonings

    Learn about Making Bratwurst from Jerky Seasonings with Walton's and Meatgistics. Watch the video, read the guide, and then post your questions or comments below.

    Meat Hacks

    One of the questions we get a lot on meatgistics is if you can use a seasoning that is designed for either snack sticks or jerky to make bratwursts out of or vice versa. The answer is absolutely you can there are just a few things you need to do differently and keep in mind. First, if you are using a bratwurst or summer sausage seasoning to make jerky it might end up having a stronger taste than you are used too. This isn’t a bad thing necessarily but it is something you will need to play around with to make sure you get the taste you are looking for. The same is sort of true if you use a jerky seasoning to make a bratwurst but since in this product the seasoning will be mixed into the meat it’s not like we are going to end up with a dull tasting brat. Also, if you buy a jerky seasoning and make a bratwurst you don’t need to use the included sure cure package and if are using a bratwurst seasoning to make jerky or snack sticks then you need to purchase sure cure separately as it will not come with the brat seasoning.

    So today we are going to grinding 20 lb of meat and making brats out of them. We will be doing a 10 lb of batch out of BBQ Jerky seasoning and I am going to add some ghost pepper cheese to some of this because these are going to be eaten when I’m not around and I want them to suffer! I am going to use our new seasoning Conversion Chart which I will put a link to in the description down below that shows you how much seasoning to use by weight and by measurement per 1 lb and 5 lb batch. So for BBQ seasoning for 10 lb, I will need to do 2.5 cups 2 tbsp and 4 tsp for 5 lb of brats made from bloody mary snack stick seasoning 1/4 cup and 1 tsp.

    I am going to do the majority of the BBQ with no cheese but then I will add some ghost pepper to the last few lb just to see what it is like and I will add cheddar to the bloody mary brats.

    I am also going to be making some Bratwursts out of Bloody Mary Jerky Seasoning and I will use the Conversion Chart for that as well.

    I’ve already ground all my meat twice through a 3/8 plate. A good tip is at the end of the second grind to take a handful of meat that has already been ground twice and put it back down through the grinder, this will force the last remaining bits in the throat out through the plate so everything has been ground twice.

    Since I am making bratwurst and not snack sticks out of these seasonings I don’t need any protein extraction so I am just going to mix in the seasoning and cheese by hand.

    Now I am just going to stuff it. I am using a tubed hog casing and to load these we just need to slide the plastic sleeve on the stuffing tube, move the casing down to where it is all on the tube and then pull out the plastic sleeve. I also like the tubed hog casings as all you need to do is soak them in warm water before they are ready for use.

    They were both pretty good but I liked the Bloody Mary ones better, the BBQ was just a bit sweet. Now, we made these from Beef so it might partially be the difference in beef fat vs pork fat but I also think that with a Bratwurst you just don’t want as sweet a product as you might want with Jerky.

    So, all in all this was a success for sure. I think an important lesson to learn was that when you take a Jerky Seasoning to make Bratwurst you need to take into account what will make a good bratwurst, just because you love the taste of BBQ Jerky doesn’t necessarily mean you will love that taste in a bratwurst.

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    Save your money and don’t spend a dime on that machine. I got the Weston #22 1.5hp pro series and it’s worrh every penny. Walton’s carries and sharpens every size plate and blade. Not the throw away ones from big box stores. Keep in mind they supply processors so you are getting pro level equipment. Buy with confidence!!!

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    tried to post mangoes will it bbq?

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  • Meat Hacks: Pairing Cheese With Sausage

    Learn about Pairing Cheese With Sausage with Walton's and Meatgistics. Watch the video, read the guide, and then post your questions or comments below.

    Meat Hacks

    Pairing Cheese With Sausage
    Finding the right cheese to add to your sausage is like finding the right wine to serve with dinner, it can be daunting but when done correctly it can vastly improve the experience. I have some of my favorite Hi-Temp cheese pairings that I wanted to share with you guys. Now, everyone is different so feel free to experiment and if you come up with some you like let us know!

    Our Cheddar is the most popular cheese we sell as Cheddar is a flavor most people know and it goes well with many different flavors. I would describe this as a mild cheddar with very little sharpness to it. A good classic seasoning to use with Hi-Temp Cheddar Cheese would be Willies Snack Stick Seasoning, something a little outside the box but a great taste would be to use the Cheddar with Apple Bratwurst Seasoning. The sweetness of the Apple goes really well with the cheddar.

    Our Hot Pepper Cheese is comparable to a Pepper Jack in that it has a little hint of heat and a buttery flavor. Anyone, including children, should be able to handle this level of heat. I like using the Hot Pepper with something like Jerry’s Brat as it gives the classic taste of the seasoning just a little kick to liven it up. Try adding it to the Dill Pickle Snack Stick Seasoning to give a small but unexpected bit of spice to that seasoning. This is also a great cheese to add to any burgers are making.

    The Mozzarella is one of my favorites. It has an easily recognizable taste of pizza cheese and there is nowhere that that will be as appreciated as in a supreme pizza flavored brat. Seriously, if you like Pizza and you like brats and you haven’t tried this combination yet you need to get that on your next order! It’s also good to add when you want to cut the heat of a seasoning a little, it’s great when added to something like our Habanero BBQ Summer Sausage Seasoning.

    The Hi-Temp Swiss Cheese has a classic Swiss taste that goes well with many different flavors. The Philly Cheesesteak Brat really does well with some Swiss Cheese, that seasoning mixed with this cheese is a surefire hit. Swiss is often paired with pickled vegetables and meats and for the same reasons, it pairs extremely well with the Rueben Brat.

    The Sriracha Cheese has a really nice creaminess to it and no noticeable heat, even less heat than what is in the hot pepper cheese but what it lacks in hear it makes up for in flavor. Like the cheddar, it can go in almost anything but it is really good in Bloody Mary Snack Sticks. Or you can double up on the Sriracha Flavor and add it to the Sriracha Summer Sausage or Snack Stick Seasoning.

    Lastly, we have Hi-Temp Ghost Pepper Cheese. This is not a Cheese to be taken lightly or thrown into your mix without measuring first. I like heat and even for me, this stuff is pretty hot. Try adding it to a brat that you would not consider as spicy like a Blue Ribbon Bratwurst. Or for something really diabolical add 1 lb of this to 10 lb of Inferno Hot Bratwurst. Austin and I did this not too long ago and by the time we were done with the video I was dripping with sweat!

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