End of summer? Really!

  • Although Labor day usually means the end of summer. It also means that hunting season is just around the corner. It also means there’s steak on sale.

    NY strips on sale for $7. IMG_20190829_171808.jpg

    Had to have one. IMG_20190829_180519.jpg IMG_20190829_181126.jpg

    Not as rare as it looks. No sides this time. Just me, steak and new friend Jesse.


    @Austin @Jonathon. Livestream on a holiday weekend? You guys rock. We’ll be there. Haven’t missed one yet.

    Fire up the grills people!!! Last weekend!

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    @PapaSop looking good! Oddly, I’ve eaten less meat since starting the new job at the butcher shop. I haven’t gone to great lengths to prepare anything anyway…A lack of free time is to blame. I brought a fry pan and burner to work and we spoil ourselves with trim tidbits all day. This works out well for the keto-ish diet plan! Spirits are a must and I’ve been on a tequila kick lately. As autumn approaches I will be revisiting whiskey with enthusiasm! We have a big family event next weekend for my grandfather’s 90th birthday as well as number 44 for my cousin and I…eat, drink and be merry! Love this time of year!

  • Walton's Employee

    @PapaSop Those look awesome and well seasoned, looks to be a nice perfect pink throughout (at least in my mind) and sides schmides, steak, and alcohol is all that is really needed!

    Titos and (fill in the blank) is what I have been drinking mostly this summer!

  • @Jonathon
    Yep. That would be the Ultimate steak seasoning. Haven’t used the Montreal seasoning since trying this stuff. Very good.

  • @PapaSop that rub was one of the 11 I won with the Broil King bbq from Walton’s the first of the year. It’s great & is almost the same as my own tri tip rub.

  • Walton's Employee

    @macsinsac We love it so m,much that we made the Walton’s Ultimate Rub with just a little bit larger particle size, especially the salt.

  • A “Labor” day of love???
    So much for resting on a holiday. While digging through the freezer the other day. I discovered I was actually smart enough to save some venison for making some fall snacks. Labor day was spent with two smokers, dehydrator and grill going.
    15 lbs of snack sticks
    10 lbs of jerky
    1.5 lbs of carp
    Wings on the grill for supper.

    A moment of panic took place when I went to stuff the sticks… No mahogany casings 🤔. Found some of Walton’s fresh collagen casing and gave it a go. Not hanging these anyways.

    Probably the best sticks I’ve ever made. Very easy to chew for us we fake teeth. Lol.

    Not a lot of pics, to busy.


    My son bow fished the carp earlier this summer. Wanted it smoked but I’ve never done it before. Came out pretty good. I’m not a fan of smoked fish myself but was ok.

  • @PapaSop
    Fish pic. IMG_20190902_124030.jpg

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    @PapaSop I spent 10 hours yesterday hand processing 300 lbs of onions before taking a break…then there was 2 hours of clean up. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to wash the stank off of me. Lol


  • Walton's Employee

    @Joe-Hell I hope you had a good podcast or audiobook to listen to! 10 hours is an insane amount of time to be processing onions. Hopefully, that’s the last time you will have to do that for a while?

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    @Jonathon I listened to the new Tool album, lots of Janes Addiction, Raconteurs, Mother Love Bone and Soundgarden!

    If my guesstimates are correct I should have enough onion for about 2000 lbs of sausage…give or take

  • @Joe-Hell
    That’s a lot of onions. Are those some type of musical groups??? Hmmm.

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    @Joe-Hell I did not see a complementary box of tissues in that pic.for doing all of those onions lol

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    @PapaSop Nice work on the sticks, looks good!
    @Joe-Hell I don’t even know what to say about all those onions…

  • Walton's Employee

    @Joe-Hell Any tips to not cry when cutting onions? I love onions but man do I HATE cutting them up!

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    @Jonathon @Joe-Hell We used to dice them in a french fry cutter! makes quick work of them!

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    @Parksider I’ve been considering going the fry cutter method. I used our Thunderbird meat grinder on all of the white onions! It made a terrible mess. Overall I’d give the machine a grade of an F and the customer support isn’t far behind. They don’t seem to have a working knowledge of the machine. I don’t know how it ever left the factory. Check out the video to see the mayhem


  • Walton's Employee

    @Joe-Hell YIKES! I saw your post with the meat spilling out the bottom and thought it was something you set up wrong (no offense I just couldn’t imagine that was what it was doing) but…YIKES!

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    @Jonathon That’s the thing. There is really only one way to set this thing up. The company said we were feeding too fast. Well…it’s only has one speed! lol. The only timing adjustment is for the length of time the mixer goes forward or reverse and how often it changes direction. The half inch gap between the mixer and the grinder is ridiculous. Also…it only grinds about 10 lbs a minute! ARRRGGHHH

    Also…they sent it to us in a non-operational state in that the safety switches cannot engage. One of them I could easily access and adjust but the other would require removing the motor which I’m assuming is a pain in the ass. I ‘fixed’ the switch issue by wrapping a nickel with masking tape and wedging it between the switch and door. The company claims it would have never left the factory without testing. I call BS.

    Tonight I have about 100 lbs of pork to grind and I’m not too enthused about it. For smaller jobs (10-12 lbs) we have been using my trusty Weston #8. It says something about the $100 Weston when it’s more reliable than the $10K Thunderbird AMG-50.

  • Walton's Employee

    @Joe-Hell That’s disappointing, you might want to show them that video? You probably already have but if not it would be worth a shot.

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    @Jonathon I sent it to them and the guy was still denying that it was an issue. He also seemed to think it was weird that we used it on vegetables. I told him that the manual clearly calls the machine a meat/vegetable grinder. He wasn’t aware of this. I have more onions to grind and I’m really not looking forward to it.

  • Walton's Employee

    @Joe-Hell I don’t blame you, that looks like a mess! Maybe a fry cutter is the way to go?

  • Power User

    @Jonathon I might have to go that route. It would be a larger dice but that might add another texture dimension. Despite the mess I will give the grinder a big thumbs up with the way it cut the onion. I’d really like to load it up with tomatoes, onions, peppers and cilantro to make instant pico de gallo but I’m frightened by the thought of cleanup.

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    @Joe-Hell We bolted the french fry cutter plate to the wall, just high enough to fit a 1 gallon cambro box under it. We diced tomatoes, onions, peppers, if it fit it went through cutter. We even did squash and zuchinni sticks, perfect 1/4" or 3/8" depending on the plate. We used Vollrath everything. We had the tomato slicer, onion slicer, lettuce chopper. Those things were bullet proof too! Just search onion witch or lettuce witch.

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    @Parksider Our Vollrath slicer went down hard recently. It’s in the shop for repair. I brought my Berkel for backup and we’ve got a trusty vintage Hobart that serves as the shop workhorse. I’ll probably have to suck it up and make a big mess with the Thunderbird this weekend to finish off the rest of the onions. As a side note, I’ve been draining and saving all of the onion juice. It’s astonishingly mellow. It would make a great mixer with a number of drinks…bloody mary in particular. I will use some of it for the liquid addition for new sausages. I’m also toying around with the idea of fermenting the juice into something boozy. Agave and Onions are closely related, so…onion tequila?

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    @Joe-Hell If you make onion tequilla I will rip up my back lawn and grow onions!

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    @Jonathon To make it a bit authentic I think you would want to char some onions…perhaps direct fire on coals briefly. Remove, grind, convert starch to sugar by caramelizing. It may need a little sugar to up the proof. You would not want to ferment in a place adjacent to living quarters. It would no doubt be odoriferous.

  • Walton's Employee

    @Joe-Hell we aren’t but humble sauasage makers, odiferous is a little outside our vocabulary!

  • @Jonathon @Joe-Hell
    I would agree. Been doing crossword puzzles for years and never seen that word used. Lol.

  • Took some of those earlier snack sticks to a gathering of friends this weekend. They couldn’t stop eating them.
    Was first batch I did 50/50. Venison, pork butts. Not sure what that fat ratio is but absolutely had a better taste and mouth feel than than my old go to which was 70/30. Those fresh collagen were also great.

    Need more venison now!

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    @Jonathon My new Boss is also the building manager of our building. We had a ‘complaint’ from another tenant (coincidentally my Aunt) that the restaurant that shares the space was stinking the entire property up with his onions. Let’s just it wasn’t him…but it was very odoriferous!

  • I got a brutal appetite looking at your photos, and I’m still at work, it hurts so much, I feel I won’t live up to dinner.

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