Difference between snack stick and jerky spice blends

  • Hello, I was just wondering what the difference is between your jalapeño snack stick blend and your jalapeño jerky spice blend. Is there binder added to the snack stick blend or something?

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    chippewa The difference is in the particle size and the amount of seasoning. The snack stick seasoning is 1.5 lb of seasoning to make 25 lb and the jerky is .65 lb to make 25 lb as one is going to be topical and the other is mixed into the seasoning. The snack stick requires protein extraction so it will have a different salt content as well.

    Now, you can use the jerky to make snack sticks and the snack sticks to make jerky, just know that if you use a snack stick seasoning to make jerky it might have a stronger taste than you are used to!

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