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    Vac bags finally arrived. Getting this past Monday’s smoke session sealed up. Some backpack snacks for this seasons hunt. I’m pretty sure I made a lot more jerky than this. But as you know, once you start eating it it’s hard to quit. Same reason I put it in 3oz portions.

    IMG_20190905_165804.jpg IMG_20190905_172825.jpg

    Here’s a little trick for those who haven’t done this. Just a little cut in edge of bag. Opens easily even with gloves on.

    About a week away from opening bow season here. Time to replenish the freezer.

    Have a safe and productive season everyone.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    PapaSop That’s a great tip and I am going to steal it for a Monday meat hack! Everyone should see this, some bags have it already but not all of them and this makes everything MUCH simpler.

  • Team Orange Power User Masterbuilt

    Although this is unrelated. Picked up T-bones for 5.98 a lb. Usually a ribeye for my go to but this was a no brainier. Averaged 1.4 lb each. There was a line at the butcher counter. Freeze seven and have one tonight.
    IMG_20190906_144407.jpg IMG_20190906_145845.jpg

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