Dairy Beef

  • Does any one have a preference to it Dairy Beef ? I was raised on Holstein beef. In my adult life I try to buy from farmers who finish dairy beef out. I find it to be a leaner beef as the genetics for dairy muscle has not been messed with for marbling. With the mega dairies now there is a surplus of bull calves going to finishers to slaughter. But it is a good flavored beef.

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    I know there is a large feedlot in Westetn Kansas that primarily feeds dairy cattle. They get them as calves and fatten them for slaughter. They claimed that most of their cattle graded out prime, and was preferred over Angus by their employees. If you aren’t buying branded beef at the grocery store, there is a good chance you could be getting beef from a holstein. There is really no way to know what kind of beef your getting after it’s been processed, unless you buy branded, or you are buying beef directly from a rancher.

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    @Denny I’ve heard that taking an old dairy cow and finishing it up on grass for the last 6 months makes for a great tasting steak but it requires a more patient cook to get it to be tender. I haven’t had the time/opportunity to test this out myself though.

    Do you have a preference?

  • @Jonathon I do as you prefer it you get more lean meat. Not as much fat marbling. They just need to be penned up 5-6 weeks before slaughter to soften the muscle a little. That was how my Dad always done it.

  • @Jonathon I know that we are not to post videos from other formats by there is a video on YouTube in the Eater channel called “What Do Steaks from a 15-Year-Old Cow Taste Like?”" — Prime Time" that addresses this very situation. I find the idea of it intriguing. We all know that the older chickens have more flavor and more meat. Why not the older cows?

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    My son recently purchased a half from in-laws dairy farm. The steaks were awesome and burger was some of the best I’ve ever had. It was a milk cow at one point. The flavor was unbelievable. Interesting video.

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    In Aaron Franklin’s latest book, Franklin Steak: Dry-Aged. Live-Fired. Pure Beef. He address dairy cattle as well as animals being harvested at an older age then commodity beef. There is a film on Netflix called, Steak Revolution, that also touches on these ideas in Europe, and around the world.

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    @Tex_77 I know what I am watching this weekend, my wife is just going to love that, hahaha! @KansasDad I think that is about as well as referring to an external link can be handled, thank you for that.

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    @Jonathon I will forewarn you, be prepared for a lot of subtitles. If you are into food shows, I highly recommend the Netflix serious Ugly Delicious.

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    @Jonathon Did you have a chance to watch it?

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    @Tex_77 I didn’t and sadly I won’t this weekend either, we have a work event that is going to take my entire Saturday and Sunday is going to be trying to get caught up around the house and prepared for next week where we are doing our livestream plus bringing in some “talent” (more than a few of you guys will recognize him) to shoot some commercials and a segment with, so busy busy busy!

    Hopefuly I will get a chance sometime in the next week or so!

  • We had a dairy operation using Holsteins. They were all fed measured rations (program from K-State for milk fat) . They had sand, misting fans, heaters; they had a great life (one bad day) the meat was spectacular (when we culled them out) you had a higher loss because of the extra ruminant and bigger bones but the meat was great. We sold the dairy cows, made the milk barn into an abattoir (love that word) kept the granaries and grinders, had K-State redo the feeding program and brought in Angus Cross’ we had a higher yield, better marbling, and great meat. In my humble opinion both were very good but I felt the Holstein to be a bit better

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    @Departing-Contestantabattoir (love that word)
    -I’m sorry, did you say knives?
    -Rotating knives, yes.

  • @Jonathon said in Dairy Beef:


    It opens doors, I’m telling you

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