Bacon Experiments

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    I did another batch this morning. I wanted our customer service and a few select other people to try this to see how good it was! After I was done I took the pH and the water activity and it was 6.01 ph on Cinnamon Toast and 5.15 with Salt & Vinegar, the water activity was .48 though, so the pH is pretty much a moot point, these were shelf stable.

    So, I did this by sprinkling seasoning on both sides and then putting it in the dehydrator for 5 hours at 160°. I rotated the trays from top to bottom twice and one time I flipped the pieces of bacon, probably didnt need to do it but I figured why not?

    What this gives you is a piece of bacon that is ready to eat at any time that still has some nice moisture to it, it doesnt overly dry it out. Now, take SMALL bites. The initial bite into it is awesome the fat practically explodes and you get a huge amount of flavor, take small bites though because once you bite into the fat and get that awesome flavor it gets more than a bit chewy!

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  • If you made a batch of venison bacon using ground meat you smoke that to 155 anyway then dehydrate it with some other seasoning might be worth a try.

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    Riley Renwick I should hsve some more venison to play with here soon so I will give that a try!

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