fresh sausage with cheese and pickled jalapenos

  • PK100

    This past weekend I made some fresh sausage. I used 5 pounds pork, some carrot fiber, cajun seasoning, hi temp pepper jack cheese and some pickled jalapeno pepper slices. I did the math as follows. 5 lbs pork, for the cheese it takes about 5 pounds for 100 pounds pork. divide accordingly. the seasoning says 1 pound per 25 pounds but i went with 1 pound for 20 pounds pork. peppers I figured 5 pounds per 100 pork. the pepper ratio didn’t work so it was a feel thing. I’d love to say I eyed it up but being blind that doesn’t work. I am impressed with the way it came out. grilling or on the top of the stove works but we have also found that if you are busy, you can place sausage on a foil lined pan and cover it with foil. bake on 350 for about 25 minutes, flip and go about 25 more. uncover and go about 5 on each side.

  • Team Blue

    I have been wanting to do something with jalapeno and cheddar for a while now. Maybe this weekend!

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    no_eyes_processor " I’d love to say I eyed it up but being blind that doesn’t work. I am impressed with the way it came out." Thank you, I needed that this morning, I practically cried I laughed so hard! Good job man, that sounds awesome. How was the full bag of Cajun to 25 lb of meat? I made some Cajun recently at the normal ratio and even though I added cheese I wanted more of a cajun flavor. Now, that might be because I also made our NEw Jambalaya Brat and those things are crazy! The Jambalaya seasoning will be available soon, they are CRAZY and I can’t wait to see what people do with them.

    The instructions call for cured ham to be added to the grind, rice that has been cooked in chicken stock and seafood and or chicken with Pork as the main portion of the meat block. They are awesome!

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