Roll Call (Start Here First)

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    Welcome to Meatgistics!

    This is a great place to begin your posting in the Meatgistics community.
    Let everyone know who you are, plus find out more about others.

    You only have to share what you feel comfortable with others knowing, but some ideas for your first post…

    Where are you from (city/state)?

    How much experience do you have in meat processing or smoking/grilling?

    What is your favorite meat snack or seasoning flavor?

    What is your current smoker or grill?

    Other than that, have fun, and we are excited to have you apart of the Meatgistics community!

  • Spearville,Kansas checking in here!

  • Checking in from central Mississippi. I’m an older gal who loves to deer hunt. I skin and process my own meat. I have a Masterbuilt 40" electric smoker that I used to make my first snack sticks in last year. They turned out pretty good.

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    Glad to see you guys here, and welcome to the community!

  • T&C Meats from Enid, OK

  • Mikki from Bel Aire, KS

  • Jason from Goddard, KS. Been using various smokers from electric to pellet to my current offset custom stick smoker for the past few years. I like trying various seasoning and smoking different meats. I have really enjoyed the New Market location since we live in Goddard. Still consider myself a beginner so will be looking for advice and if I can give any I will be glad to help.

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    Thanks for joining the community and we’re glad you like our Wichita stores!

  • Mindy from Basehor, Ks here!
    Hubby and I did the KCBS competition stuff under the name of Doughboy’s Dream back in the day.
    Rick’s been BBQing and Smoking since 1977
    My favorite is country style ribs on the smoker, with my personal rub
    Just went from a pellet smoke to a Weber grill only - different for this family!
    The Walton family has been a part of my life for a long time. So excited to see the family doing business the honest, fun and loving way!
    This site will help all of us with common questions, ideas and just plain fun!!
    Great job Walton’s !!

  • Checking in from eastern Oregon, I am working for the areas newest butcher shop Hines Meat Co, to present we are operating as custom cut but are in the process of getting our state dept of ag retail license while working on our usda license. Eventually we want to have meat processing and sales for custom cut as well as usda counter sales, a deli counter and sandwich shop.

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    Hey Mindy,
    Thanks for all the compliments!

    It’s awesome to see you joining us on the Community too!

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    It’s great to see some of our commercial customers joining in on the community!
    Good luck as you guys work on growing your new shop. If you have any questions or products we can help with, we’d love to help with whatever we can!

  • Great idea. I look forward to seeing some new ideas about smoking meat and hopefully getting some good advice!

  • @austin Gravydave from Upper Michigan. I Enjoy grilling on my Brinkman pitmaster deluxe which I have had for 10 -15 years. I also have a Smoke Hollow Propane smoker, and a Charbroil SS propane Grill. The pitmaster is the grill of choice. I am fairly new at meat processing 3yrs… Kind of a hobby. My favorite is Colorado Jerky. But have done summer sausage, wiener sausage, snack sticks, and some attempts at fresh sausages. My favorite Items to grill are Lamb chops, and bacon wrapped venison back strap.

  • Just joined. Looking forward. From Hudson, Il.
    Do minor butchering. Got 6 hogs, going to start to butcher in 2 weeks. Going to cure some ham and bacons.

  • Wichita, Kansas here. Cooking on a Green Mountain Daniel Boone that I got about 3 months ago. Looking forward to seeing product reviews, recipes, and recommendations!

  • Newkirk OK ~ rollin smoke off our trusty Traeger
    We grow our own beef and harvest from the wildlife
    Love to visit Wichita and always have a stop into Waltons planned
    We love your East location
    Our favorite products are the Excalibur Seasonings and our horses aren’t bugged so much since we started adding your garlic powder to their feed!

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    @dannyj @Gravydave @hambone @SamOller @derhuntr
    Thanks for joining the community!

  • Michaelp, Willamette Valley Oregon, retiring this week will have more time to play. My hunting group do all our own processing and have been experimenting with sausage and smoking the last few seasons. Did 500# grind last year. Want to build a smoke house looking for good ideas.

  • @CoyG old Hines boy I am will, you have a locker for hanging this year? Walton’s is a good outfit.

  • SteakMaster here from central Nebraska. USDA processor that uses Walton’s for most of our ingredients. ( except the meat!)

  • @michaelp plenty of room to hang meat, aging room was engineered to hold 100K plus of weight…the drip cooler will hang another 40K easily.

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    @SteakMaster said in Roll Call (Start Here First):

    SteakMaster here from central Nebraska. USDA processor that uses Walton’s for most of our ingredients. ( except the meat!)

    @SteakMaster Thanks for joining the community and we definitely appreciate the business! If only we could sell you the meat as well…

    @michaelp said in Roll Call (Start Here First):

    Michaelp, Willamette Valley Oregon, retiring this week will have more time to play. My hunting group do all our own processing and have been experimenting with sausage and smoking the last few seasons. Did 500# grind last year. Want to build a smoke house looking for good ideas.

    @michaelp My initial recommendation is to look for a smokehouse to buy for the consistency in temp and smoke you can get from a nice prebuilt smokehouse, but I also don’t have a lot of experience in building one. We do have a book on our website about smokehouse design but I haven’t personally read through this one. Hopefully we can get some input from some others around here who might have built one or have more knowledge. You might try posting a separate post in the Smoking & Grilling section and ask for some more advice there.

  • Brett from Bel Aire. Love the store and try to stop in at least once a month just to look of nothing else. Can’t wait to learn more and improve my cooks!

  • Checking in from West Tennessee. Been hunting and fishing for about 30 years. Started processing my own about 3 years ago. I use a MasterBuilt electric smoker and love the flavor. Considering building an old school smokehouse out back. Looking to gain knowledge from everyone here!

  • Checking in from Willcox, Arizona. Looking forward to following everyone’s comment.

  • Kerry here from Northern California moving to Natalia, Texas!!! City girl with a country heart! I love to grill and through Walton’s superior products have made Bratwurst and Italian Sausage. Can’t wait to get settled in and have space to process our own venison. Walton’s has great quality products from seasonings to casings. Smoker in place on our 10 acres so that is my next challenge! Love this new forum!

  • @austin said in Roll Call (Start Here First):

    Nashville, TN here been processing venison and smoking it in a masterbuilt smoker for 10 years

  • Jeff from Kansas City, MO here. I was introduced to Walton’s from several of our city’s best chefs. I have never had a reason to shop anywhere else since. Great products, excellent service.

  • I’m from Mo. I have a 30 year old smoker. I like Kansas Kabin rubs and sauces.

  • Jeff from Flowery Branch GA
    New to sausage making in the last year, tired of paying my processor big $$$ for a sub par product. Found Waltons online, watched videos and bought their product…Bam. I’ve learned a ton by trial and error, scouring the Internet. Now my game is on. my best so far is Willies sticks with hi temp cheddar, small amt of citric acid , sure gel and some Syrian Aleppo peppers for a little kick. Look forward to learning a bunch more from the group!!!

  • @austin I’m from Heflin al I process my own deer . Usually make my own seasoning but some time try already mix just to see if I can find something I like but mostly just mix and match to suit my tast I have a homemade smoke made out a 200 gal propane tank.

  • Hello from Luther’s Smokehouse Inc. in Le Roy, text

  • @austin Ross from SF Bay Area, California where our politics are a lot of Bull!
    Glad your site is up. I have been making a family Italian Sausage recipe for many years but the casings have become a challenge lately (finding and purchasing). Glad you are available with products, which I recently purchased. Thanks again!

  • Ryan here from northern Minnesota. I have been processing my own meat for around 8-10 years now and I love it. I have done polish, meat sticks, breakfast sausage, summer sausage, potato sausage, bratwurst. I also love smoking meat. My favorite thing that I have smoked was a prime rib. Turned out better than any prime rib I’ve ever had in any restaurant. A little nerve racking though with an expensive cut of meat. You can’t go wrong when you cook low and slow. Its the only way to go! Cheers.

  • @austin said in Roll Call (Start Here First):

    Welcome to Meatgistics!

    This is a great place to begin your posting in the Meatgistics community.
    Let everyone know who you are, plus find out more about others.
    Kelly Westmoreland…Game Processor
    You only have to share what you feel comfortable with others knowing, but some ideas for your first post…

    Where are you from (city/state)?
    Ben Wheeler, Tx
    How much experience do you have in meat processing or smoking/grilling?
    30 plus yrs, Retail meat cutter,Market Manager, Game processor
    What is your favorite meat snack or seasoning flavor?
    summer sausage…garlic, onion , and pepper
    What is your current smoker or grill?
    charcoal grill…steaks chops
    elerctric Masterbuilt smoker{jerky…220 volt smoker -link and summer sausage>
    Other than that, have fun, and we are excited to have you apart of the Meatgistics community!

    KW in Ben Wheeler Tx. checking in…Game Processing.

  • Checking in from Alabama.

  • Al from Pratt Ks. Been processing my own deer for 30 years and when I moved to Pratt and met a guy that used to make summer sausage and he taught me how to do it. Having Walton’s 75 miles away makes it next day shipping. Thanks guys.

  • Checking in from Morrisville, VT. Though I have been working as a chargrill line cook for years, I don’t have much experience with BBQ and smoking, but looking forward to learning from y’all.

  • hi all. I am from Kaukauna Wisconsin. I am a big time BBQ freak. Also do some competitions too. I am a total outdoors man hunt and fish too.


  • Dan from North Eastern Wisconsin here … Recently retired and enjoy making my own sausages.

  • Bob from Florida. Beef Jerky fanatic

  • Jefferson City, mo checking in

  • South Dakota checking in.

  • Wichita, KS. Use Walton’s seasonings all the time. Hoping to get a deer this year and looking forward to tips on processing venison.

  • dennishoddy checking in. I’m an outdoor fanatic, and past competition BBQ cook off competitor. Sold the big wood smoker, and use a cookshack now for convenience.
    Been using Waltons Hi Temp Cheese and casings for deer sausage. Looking for more recipes to try.

  • Just thought I would say hi to everyone…I’m new at this and love your site…thanks for your order…

  • Brian from Stanwood Washington. Thanks for putting this together to have as a resource. I have been smoking meat for years but I am new to sausage making.

  • I’ve been making both ground and muscle meat jerky for many years. This is is the first time I’ve used Waltons seasoning and looking forward to some of their flavors i. e. Bloody Mary
    I want to share a proven process that works great for me. I’ve use various seasoning suppliers and none recommend this step.
    After I season the raw meat (dry no water), I vaccume pack the seasoned meat and store in refrigerator for a minimum of 3 weeks.
    Then I smoke/dry as recommended.
    The flavor is so much better distributed through the meat.

  • The great state of Minnesota
    45 years of grilling experience
    Favorite seasoning + Excalibur Steak and Roast Rub
    Louisiana Grill Series 900

  • New to sausage & meat processing, Greenbrier, Arkansas. Making 9.5 # of breakfast sausages, links, next will be some venison jerky, then some snack sticks. I will start going through this site for clues, and advice.
    Thank you in advance.

  • Big Mike here from SE Washington. Avid hunter for decades and meat processor for the last 3 years. I kill/process several deer and elk each year making a lot of jerky and sausage. I use a Traeger BBQ and will soon purchase an A-maze-N tube for cold smoking. I’m always mining for new information and recipes!

  • This is Clay from NC and I just ordered my first grinder from Walton’s, a Weston Pro #12. I hunt deer and have gotten tired of paying to processor to grind the deer that I don’t cut into roasts myself so I took the leap into home grinding. I also help my church make about 600lbs of sausage twice a year and I know the addition of my grinder will speed up the process. Sometime soon I’ll be building my smokehouse to broaden my sausage making skills to include smoked sausage along with the many other varieties. Once I get rolling good I hope that this site can help with any questions that I have.

  • Andrew from central Arizona. I am an avid big game hunter and process my own. I grill year round and just started smoking meat and cheese. I recently found Walton’s and purchased seasonings and casings for 100 lbs of breakfast sausage, 100 lbs of bratwurst, and 50 lbs of snack sticks. Both the breakfast sausage and brats were delicious. The snack sticks will be completed later this month. I am looking forward to reading and sharing.

  • McPherson KS
    Process hogs, beef, deer, etc
    Been buying from Walton’s for years. Usually go to East Wichita store if I am not ordering online. I enjoy the videos…keep them coming! Little disappointed I have yet to win any prizes. 🙂

  • Montello Wisconsin checking in. Roll my own smoke for sausage, snack sticks, brats, and much more. Always process my own Elk, Deer and other wild game. Happy smokin everyone!

  • South Haven, KS. checking in. I have processed my own venison for years (ground, steaks, roasts and jerky) but am just now starting to make some snack sticks and brats with ring bologna, sausages and kielbasa on my radar. Have used Walton’s for years even before it was Walton’s and found their service and products to be first class.

  • Dennis from Peoria IL. I’ve been making sausage for over 30 years. Process hogs and deer. We just did 12 hogs into whole hog sausage with S110 seasoning. Makes a great breakfast sausage.I have several smokers and grills. I have a Pro 100 smoker and just made an outside cold smoke that I am getting use to. I live 10 miles from Excaliber seasoning company and used to buy seasoning directly from them .Now I get most of my sausage making supplies from Waltons.They have great seasonigs.

  • Lake Forest, CA. Total beginner (sort of. Have a culinary degree, but never made sausage). Took a sausage making class at Electric City Butcher (Santa Ana, CA) and can’t wait to get started. Stuffer arrives today. I want to do brats, boudin, and cheesy sausages. Also looking at smokers to dry and smoke sausages.

  • I’m Liz hailing from Forsyth, ga. Lived
    most of my life in farming, Amish country on the Mason Dixon line and learned so much basic food prep. Grinding my own grain, making soft cheese from goat’s milk, canning, etc. Now I would like to ask anyone if they make hot dogs for the best recipe ever. Ordered my casings and waiting for them to arrive

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    I have most of my notifications turned off and might get an email once per day. It depends on posting activity.


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