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  • Holley, New York checking in great to be here!

  • @deerslayer6911 said in Roll Call (Start Here First):

    Spearville,Kansas checking in here!

    Checking in from Texas to wish everyone great New Year!

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    @meggo Happy New Year to you as well! It’s going to be a good one, we have some big things planned.

  • Hi everyone I’m checking in from Longmont Colorado. I have been smoking meats for many years. Most of the time they turn out good sometimes great. I’m wanting to step up my smoking and curing. So I feel like I landed in a good group to do this.
    I just purchased a Treager Pro 22.
    I also have a propane smoker.
    I have ordered a-maze-n pellet smoker to smoke cheeses.
    I look forward to learning with and from everyone

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    @grandma-cindy Glad to have you on the board! We have recently been doing some more cold smoking here with some liquids that you wouldn’t normally expect to have a smoke flavor to them and will be doing some more cold smoking coming up in the near future!

  • Hi from Soldotna Alaska I’ve been making sausage from moose and caribou we get. I have a 3x3x4ft smoker I made with a Bradley smoke generator and a single burner Colman camp stove for the heat. I usually do about 50lbs in a load as everybody wants it so it goes fast. The garlic sausage and cabonesay sticks are what I make mostly. I got a bowl cutter off the internet so I’m doing baloney and hotdogs now to. I also just started to do drycureing with one batch of pepperoni so far.salami is next. I’ve done turkeys for thanksgiving and do salmon in the summer both hot and cold smoke. It’s been lots of fun but there is so much out there to try.1_1515387243354_8D078B5F-15B2-45DE-B256-8095C3E05E22.jpeg 0_1515387243341_562D80C6-D1BA-4DB4-B10F-ED5FD634BB05.jpeg

  • @3toad I come to Jackson out of ga 3 times a week all the deer I am seeing on the road now you should be at your rut now .good luck.

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    @unreel Looks awesome and I am sure you have some amazing hunting stories from up in Alaska!

  • @Austin
    My name is Gary and I live in the country in southern Minnesota. I have been smoking and grilling for about 10 years. I have a Traeger grill and a homemade wood fired old fashioned smoke house for smoking. I have been making bacon using the dry brine method and now I am going to try the injection method using the maple bacon seasoning/cure. I have a question about the video you and Jonathan made on the bacon. It is clear that the bellies must be soaked for 20 minutes (twice) to remove excess salt using the dry brining method with the pickling for 3-5 days. Do you also have to soak the bacon for 20 minutes (twice) when injecting and wet brining overnight using the half strength brine?

  • @Austin mike from Southeast Missouri, im new to the experimentation of meat processing. wish me luck. My grand and great grandfather were butchers. To bad i was to young to ask questions when they were alive being they were old school from Polland.

  • @unreel welcome i was just in your neck of the woods last summer i was in Kenai i loved it there!

  • @AllanMoyer we live in Soldotna. Been here for 34yrs.we usually get moose for making sausage and do smoked salmon and halibut

  • Hi everyone, just stumbled onto this site looking for wrapping supplies, and decided to check out the community after placing my order. im from Mandan ND, been making sausage cutting our own meat for more years than i can remember. been teaching the young ones pretty hard the last 5 years along with learning more along the way. i use an old GE fridge converted to electric smoker, but am working on building a new smoker from a commercial warming oven, hopefully i can get it to work. favorite rub is a couple i have developed over the years that go great on chicken and pork. i look forward to learning more from the group. Thanks in advance for the opportunity.

  • Hello everyone hope all is well. I have been doing processing of my own deer and wild game for lots of years but within the last 3 years started processing my own hogs and cattle. This had been very fun making different things from normal cuts to specialized brats for me and friends. Walton’s has been a great help on all these things so thx lot’s 😁👍.

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    @fatboy Glad to have you on the board! If you make your new smoker make sure you post some pics and good job passing your knowledge on to the young ones!

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    @Tony-Naerebout Welcome to the board! Brats are my go to thing as well, I make them out of everything, chicken brats are always a favorite cause I can tell myself they are healthy!

  • Cassoday, KS. Here

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    @bayres That’s only about an hour away from us, have you ever visited one of our stores in Wichita?

  • Regular Contributors

    @Austin HI Garry (Tarp) here in Lake Livingston TX the catfish capitol of TX. Retired Airlines
    Started learning how to process and make my on meats in the early 90’s while living in CO. when I found out how much they charge to process elk. Have 2 wood smokers and and electric vertical one you can add smoke to. Just made some summer sausage using Walton’s Excalibur but added high temp monterey pepper jack and whole pepper corn. Came out perfect. Thanks to Ya’ll

  • mcduff1313 checking in from the great lakes state of Michigan. I have been curing and smoking meat & fish for over 35 years.

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    Glad to have you here!

  • I am going to Madrid Spain friday the ham (Jammon) capitol of the world. Bar none the place to be for perfecly cured ham especially Iberico. Black hoof pigs that free range on a diet of mostly acorns. Going to the ham museum and plan on plenty of ham Tapas and Chorizo in Madrid & Granada. Can’t wait!

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    Sounds like a pretty great vacation, Ham Museum aren’t words you generally expect to hear together but it sounds awesome!

  • @jonathon right it does sound strange but cured ham is highly prized in Spain.

  • Hello! My name is Ed Jordan from San Angelo TX. Love to hunt, and new to home processing. I own a propane smoker, as well as an electric masterbuilt smoker. I enjoy this forum and the vodeos Waltons puts out.

  • Hey all! Lewis from the St Paul area in MN. Total amateur home processor but having fun learning.

  • Paul from Minnesota joining. Impressive website & informative. 30" MES. Been smoking meat & making sausage for about 3 years.

  • Hi I’m Adam and I am originally from Lake Charles, La but once my wife and I both retired from the U.S. Air Force we are currently living in Haysville, Ks. I’ve just recently started making my own sausages and meat snacks thanks to Walton’s.

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    @Boudreaux Hey Adam, you aren’t far from us at all probably about 20 minutes. You should come to our store next time you need supplies, we are at 3639 N Comotara St Wichita, KS 67226. Stop by and say hi!

  • @jonathon I’ve gotten all of my supplies from you guys, how was the Summer Sausage? ;0

  • @austin
    Sammy from Cocoa FL. Checking in.
    New to sausage making and smoking.

  • Shakopee Minnesota and I have been grilling for a while I just recently got into sausage making still working at it and want to try my hand at making different things like snack sticks and other stuff here is a picture of my smoker and some ribs I did on it

    1_1530627416729_C4387F85-D96B-46FF-9677-B546AADE5749.jpeg 0_1530627416728_488BAAD0-C650-4A98-82CB-2D37FA8F1894.jpeg

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    @Minnesota Hey welcome to the board, we were just up in Minnesota a few weeks ago, beautiful area of the country! Those Ribs look great, nice bark on them.

    I just did some for this past weekend, I actually marinated them overnight in Pa’s Black Bull seasoning and then rubbed them with Dominator RIb Rub and they came out great! I put them in at 215° for 3 hours then wrapped them in foil with butter and brown sugar and left them in there for another 2 hours. Finally I unwrapped them and did them for another 45 minutes, I dont have pictures, I was too excited to start eating them…that or I was already late serving them to our dinner guests and my wife was yelling at me for being late with the food as usual! Anyway they were delicious!

  • Athens Georgia!

  • Jered from Indiana

  • Hi all! My name is Gene Garate from Southern Utah checking in. I am a true nose to tail butcher, beginning with a visit to ranches to slaughter livestock and ending with aging, cutting and packaging of product. I have been using recipes from this site for some time now with great results and reviews. I use a Char Broil smoker and a 48" Weston smoker. Unfortunately I still need more smoker space for the output I currently have and my smokers are almost constantly running. I use the Zenz Dixie Sausage seasoning almost exclusively along with Country Brown Sugar cures for both bacon and hams with nearly universally positive response. Good to be here.

  • Walton's Employee

    @antlion It will be great to have the input of a butcher on here! Glad you like the Dixie and the Country Brown Sugar Cure they are both great seasonings. More smoker space is an annoying issue to have, you either have to go with a larger smoker or get an additional one. I look forward to seeing your posts!

  • Hi I’m Ted from Orlando and I love to smoke meat on an electric smoker, also I write content about smoking food on electric smoker and reviews.

  • Walton's Employee

    @tedmo Welcome to the Board, look forward to your thoughts and opinions on smoking and smokers!

  • AJ from Mount Pleasant, WI…
    Have been enjoying meat snacks and jerky most of my 58 yrs. Been smokin’ meat on a homemade UDS for about 3 yrs. Enjoy trying new techniques and flavors so I have a feeling I’ll be spending a lot of time on the Walton’s site and this blog. Thanks in advance for the hospitality! God Bless!

  • @Austin
    Haysville Ks. Smoking and grilling for 10 years. Limited meat processing about 8 years

  • Hello Everyone,
    Gary T. From Branford CT, I’ve been making jerky for some 30 years now, not sure how I missed Waltons site but I’m glad I found it, great to see all the videos tips and forums.

    Trying the Waltons BOLD Jerky seasoning today in a restructured mix, I normally try a mix as is the 1st time then alter to my taste later on, I needs TONS of flavor so I’m hoping this one does the trick. I also bought the Teriyaki & Cajun to try.

    Thanks for the invite. Gary T.

  • Hello from Alpine, Texas.

  • Walton's Employee

    Glad to see so many new faces (or usernames) on here! @Gary-T if you like the bold but want more flavor and like a sweeter jerky check out the video we did on Tender Jerky. We wanted to see if adding more sugar and water could give us a more tender piece of jerky that was shelf stable. The jerky was very tender, certainly more tender than anything I normally make, it was shelf stable and the taste was Excellent!

  • Hello everyone. NC born and raised. Hopefully the vast amount of knowlege and experience on this site will help with any questions I have and I may be able to help a little as well.

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    @SmokeyBones Welcome to the Board! We are always looking for more help and experience on the board!

  • @smokeybones Welcome aboard SB, Im pretty new here as well but I’ve already found a ton of great info, snoop around and you’ll find a wealth of knowlege.

  • From Wasilla, Alaska here. I’ve been treating my moose, caribou, bear, even beaver, over the years. Using my own recipes or some that I got from friends and relatives. And use a home built backyard smoker. Found this site a few months ago, and have watched a lot of videos. I gotten a lot of good ideas from you people, and I may be getting a few orders together over the next few month. Might simplify some of my old tried and true family gizmo’s!

  • @boomer17 Welcome Boomer, Wow those are some meats I know I’ve never tried, sounds very cool. I look forward to hearing about and seeing those meats processed.

  • Walton's Employee

    @boomer17 Welcome to the board, it’s great to have someone from Alaska on! You mentioned Beaver, have you ever done anything with the tail? I was listening to an episode of the Joe Rogan podcast and he had a wild game chef on that said when done correctly beaver tail is amazing! It will also be helpful to have someone who has experience with bear on here for sure!

  • Live in a small town in North Central Arkansas. I compete in both KCBS and MBN sanctioned bbq contests. I use a Gateway 55 gallon barrel smoker, Weber 22” smoker, Rec Rec 680 pellet smoker and Weber grills for both contests and home use. I also use a masterbuilt smoker for summer sausage and Cabela cabinet dehydrator for jerky. I especially forward to hearing about sausage stuffing, seasoning and smoking techniques as well as deer jerky.

  • Walton's Employee

    @smokemeister Nice to have you on the board, it certainly seems like you will have some good experience and information to share with everyone!

  • Southeast Texas here. I’m experienced in smoking/grilling but a novice at sausage making. I used to help my father in law make sausage at his meat market years ago. Now I plan to start making sausage as a hobby …

  • Just checking in
    Garden Plain, KS
    Green Mountain Daniel Boone
    snack stick made with BBQ Jerky or the new Dill Pickle

  • Walton's Employee

    @departing-contestant I love the Dill Pickle Jerky, I’ve only used it in restructured jerky so far but I am sure it is just as good on whole muscle. In my opinion it has a really good dill pickle flavor and a nice little bit of heat to it!

  • Hammond. IN here. Been making jerky about 10 years, snack sticks about 2 years. I make a lot of chicken jerky, recommended by my doctor, he likes it too. I’m also a KCBS Master BBQ Judge and am in my 11th year. Planning on trying some different sausages soon.

  • Walton's Employee

    @fred Welcome Fredd, it will be nice to have a Judge on the site! If you need anything as far as how-tos or advice on making sausage let us know, it’s a very friendly and supportive community!

  • Sparta, Wis
    Been smoking meats longer then I can remember. Watch my father do it when I was a child, now doing I have been doing it on my own for 10 years. I built my own smoker out of a old freezer and working on a second one. The best part is experimenting with different seasoning and finding what works the best.

  • Hello everyone, Mike here from Huntsville, Al. I’m an old hand at eating smoked meats but new to making it. I’m going to start with a few different breakfast sausages blends and go from there.

    Thx in advance for answering all my stupid questions, Mike

  • Walton's Employee

    @mrose Welcome to the board Mike. It’s hard to ask anything here that we would consider a “stupid” question, we were all new to it at one point!

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    @cayenneman That is more like smoking pork butts or brisket. I did a whole wild turkey at 225F and since there is so little fat on them to start with I used it to make a turkey noodle soup and that little bit of extra smoke on the turkey is a game changer! I used the bones to make the stock and it also had a little smokeyness to it, delicious. Don’t be afraid to run the smoker up 225-250F. Just make sure get it warm and dry before putting the smoke to it so it will stick better.

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  • @rhjbarney That is the second time in recent weeks I have heard sausage referred to as Cigars, I like it and I am sure I can come up with a clever (for me at least) social media post about it. Also, I use a lot of the pictures our users post here on Walton’s Instagram, Facebook and twitter accounts and also Meratgistics Face Book accounts. Consider this my shameless plug to follow our social media accounts.

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  • @Boxie Give us as much information as you can on your process and we will see if we can figure it out. So, it was 60% pork and 40% venison? What cuts of pork did you use? How much water, what seasoning, what was your mixing and grinding like, did you get enough protein extraction, what was your smoke schedule?. Pretty much as much detail as you can give will help because at 60/40 with carrot fiber there is no reason it should be dry.

    Oh, and what tye of sausage were you making?

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