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    @antlion It will be great to have the input of a butcher on here! Glad you like the Dixie and the Country Brown Sugar Cure they are both great seasonings. More smoker space is an annoying issue to have, you either have to go with a larger smoker or get an additional one. I look forward to seeing your posts!

  • Hi I’m Ted from Orlando and I love to smoke meat on an electric smoker, also I write content about smoking food on electric smoker and reviews.

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    @tedmo Welcome to the Board, look forward to your thoughts and opinions on smoking and smokers!

  • AJ from Mount Pleasant, WI…
    Have been enjoying meat snacks and jerky most of my 58 yrs. Been smokin’ meat on a homemade UDS for about 3 yrs. Enjoy trying new techniques and flavors so I have a feeling I’ll be spending a lot of time on the Walton’s site and this blog. Thanks in advance for the hospitality! God Bless!

  • @Austin
    Haysville Ks. Smoking and grilling for 10 years. Limited meat processing about 8 years

  • Hello Everyone,
    Gary T. From Branford CT, I’ve been making jerky for some 30 years now, not sure how I missed Waltons site but I’m glad I found it, great to see all the videos tips and forums.

    Trying the Waltons BOLD Jerky seasoning today in a restructured mix, I normally try a mix as is the 1st time then alter to my taste later on, I needs TONS of flavor so I’m hoping this one does the trick. I also bought the Teriyaki & Cajun to try.

    Thanks for the invite. Gary T.

  • Hello from Alpine, Texas.

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    Glad to see so many new faces (or usernames) on here! @Gary-T if you like the bold but want more flavor and like a sweeter jerky check out the video we did on Tender Jerky. We wanted to see if adding more sugar and water could give us a more tender piece of jerky that was shelf stable. The jerky was very tender, certainly more tender than anything I normally make, it was shelf stable and the taste was Excellent!

  • Hello everyone. NC born and raised. Hopefully the vast amount of knowlege and experience on this site will help with any questions I have and I may be able to help a little as well.

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    @SmokeyBones Welcome to the Board! We are always looking for more help and experience on the board!

  • @smokeybones Welcome aboard SB, Im pretty new here as well but I’ve already found a ton of great info, snoop around and you’ll find a wealth of knowlege.

  • From Wasilla, Alaska here. I’ve been treating my moose, caribou, bear, even beaver, over the years. Using my own recipes or some that I got from friends and relatives. And use a home built backyard smoker. Found this site a few months ago, and have watched a lot of videos. I gotten a lot of good ideas from you people, and I may be getting a few orders together over the next few month. Might simplify some of my old tried and true family gizmo’s!

  • @boomer17 Welcome Boomer, Wow those are some meats I know I’ve never tried, sounds very cool. I look forward to hearing about and seeing those meats processed.

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    @boomer17 Welcome to the board, it’s great to have someone from Alaska on! You mentioned Beaver, have you ever done anything with the tail? I was listening to an episode of the Joe Rogan podcast and he had a wild game chef on that said when done correctly beaver tail is amazing! It will also be helpful to have someone who has experience with bear on here for sure!

  • Live in a small town in North Central Arkansas. I compete in both KCBS and MBN sanctioned bbq contests. I use a Gateway 55 gallon barrel smoker, Weber 22” smoker, Rec Rec 680 pellet smoker and Weber grills for both contests and home use. I also use a masterbuilt smoker for summer sausage and Cabela cabinet dehydrator for jerky. I especially forward to hearing about sausage stuffing, seasoning and smoking techniques as well as deer jerky.

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    @smokemeister Nice to have you on the board, it certainly seems like you will have some good experience and information to share with everyone!

  • Southeast Texas here. I’m experienced in smoking/grilling but a novice at sausage making. I used to help my father in law make sausage at his meat market years ago. Now I plan to start making sausage as a hobby …

  • Just checking in
    Garden Plain, KS
    Green Mountain Daniel Boone
    snack stick made with BBQ Jerky or the new Dill Pickle

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    @departing-contestant I love the Dill Pickle Jerky, I’ve only used it in restructured jerky so far but I am sure it is just as good on whole muscle. In my opinion it has a really good dill pickle flavor and a nice little bit of heat to it!

  • Hammond. IN here. Been making jerky about 10 years, snack sticks about 2 years. I make a lot of chicken jerky, recommended by my doctor, he likes it too. I’m also a KCBS Master BBQ Judge and am in my 11th year. Planning on trying some different sausages soon.

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    @fred Welcome Fredd, it will be nice to have a Judge on the site! If you need anything as far as how-tos or advice on making sausage let us know, it’s a very friendly and supportive community!

  • Sparta, Wis
    Been smoking meats longer then I can remember. Watch my father do it when I was a child, now doing I have been doing it on my own for 10 years. I built my own smoker out of a old freezer and working on a second one. The best part is experimenting with different seasoning and finding what works the best.

  • Hello everyone, Mike here from Huntsville, Al. I’m an old hand at eating smoked meats but new to making it. I’m going to start with a few different breakfast sausages blends and go from there.

    Thx in advance for answering all my stupid questions, Mike

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    @mrose Welcome to the board Mike. It’s hard to ask anything here that we would consider a “stupid” question, we were all new to it at one point!

  • @austin Hi my name is Jim. I live in Rochester NY, I have no experience in processing any meat but I would like to try. I do have a smoker witch is a Smoky Mt.
    Series. I am a hunter and hoping to take a deer to make some snack sticks. So I might need some help and probably will have some question. So thanks for being here for that Jim

  • Power User

    Jim I’m here in Rochester, actually we live in the village of Lima. We process around 25 deer a year and make all sorts of stuff. If you’d like to learn you’re welcome to come by. Reach me at5859535611. Check my profile and I’m at black run bbq on Instagram. You can see what we make.
    John Correll

  • thanks John I would to do that. I will get back to you and set something up.
    thanks Jim

  • @austin been doing smoking and curing about 6 months a older guy taught his tricks and i enjoy it now every body wants my candian bacon

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    @bigda964 I lived in Webster for about 4 years, Rochester is a great little city. Welcome to the Board!

  • thanks Jonathon good to be here, have a lot to learn about process meat. thanks jim

  • Randy from the Mississippi Delta. Primarily making smoked venison sausage, my maternal grandpa spent his winters after the farm work was done being the community hog butcher. Cut up 80 the year he was 80. See a few from KS here, SW KS is where my parents were raised, lot of meat eaters there!
    I do have one of Grandpa’s old Biro bandsaw and a humongous #12 grinder that weighs over 100 lbs.

  • Walton's Employee

    @RandyNight A Biro Saw is a good thing to have! Those things are beasts and with some basic maintenance will last forever, if you have any issues with it our service department is familiar with them and can order parts and do some basic troubleshooting for you!

  • @austin Sacramento, CA checking in. New to sausage making but I’ve been smoking & grilling 50 years. Love the smoked garlic seasoning. Currently using a Rec Tec 680 & dreaming of a Lone Star Grilz vertical smoker.

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    @macsinsac Glad to have you on the board! Sausage making is what we do here so if you need any help let us know!

  • @austin Good afternoon after mid-term hangover from the outer limits of the people’s republic of Oregon! (Dayville, to be exact) My name is Matt…been hunting since I was a little boy (appx 40 years) and have always processed our own game, but just started into “meatgistics” for about a year. I have a great walk in cooler and meat cutting setup, recently purchased Vacmaster VP215 chambered vacuum sealer, and since I’m about the only small processor around I do quite a bit with my buddies…(we barter for beer 😉 ) I was smoking on my traeger but recently completed my 1956 Zenith Fridge conversion and it seems to work pretty well. Brats are my favorite, but dabble in a little bit of everything. I really want to get into dry curing but there seems to be less of this sort of thing going on than there used to be (instant gratification society so it would seem) and I know that dry curing takes lots of patience.
    Favorite brat seasoning that Excalibur offers is the Andouille Cajun…it makes outstanding brats! Also like the chorizo made with lamb, and the Parmesan Garlic mix is top shelf.
    Looking forward to learning and sharing with the Meatgistics Community!

  • Hey New here
    Started using a backwoods extended party a few years ago mostly for ribs.
    Processed my first deer last week with equipment and spices from Walton’s. Made several sausages.

    Very Satisfied with the results but plenty to learn.

  • Walton's Employee

    @gvosberg66 Good to have you on the board, there is a lot of deer processors on here so between @austin, myself and the users we should be able to get you any answers you need!

  • Howdy. Woodland, CA. I have been helping make sausage and home butcher deer, beef,pork, chicken since I was a teenager. I am just now getting into sausage making myself.

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    @J-Carroll If you have been butchering and have a good understanding of the cuts then sausage making will come fairly easily to you!

  • @austin My name is Ben Nugent wanted to say hello And thank you all for answering my questions in the live stream yesterday. I am an assistant manager and Butcher at a natural grocery store specializing in organic and non GMO foods. I have been a Hunter and outdoorsman for many years and enjoying making sausages and meat snacks as well as hams,bacon, and other charcuterie. I live in Billings Montana and look forward to all the going on here

  • Admin

    @junglejim23 We are glad you enjoyed the livestream and we’re always happy to answer questions! Welcome to the community and hopefully you get some value, fun, and enjoyment out of it!

  • Eric here, from Campbell Minnesota. Been smoking stuff for about 15 years? I have been processing my own venison for the last 4 years, summer sausage and jerky mostly but always want to try something new. Favorite meat snack is maple habenero snack sticks or pepper jerky or Brisket! I currently own a Smoke Daddy 1190 pellet pro, i plan on building a vertical smoker out of a old fridge i have stripped down. also own a blackstone flat top griddle. Thanks!

  • Walton's Employee

    @Minnesotameat Glad to have you on the board! Good luck with creating that smoker, old refrigerators are a great base for making smokers as the insulation helps you hold a nice steady temperature for long periods of time. We’ve got a great community here so feel free to chime in with your thoughts on things and ask any questions you might have!

  • Currently living in Il. Moving, hopefully to Mo next year. Just love smoking meat of all kinds. Currently using a Bradley smoker, Cabelas 1 hp grinder. Cabelas commerical dehydrator for jerky and vegetables out of my garden. Today I am making venison sausage, black pepper is one. The other is jalapeno venison sausage. Love both,they don’t last too long around my house.

  • Gathering ingredients and tools for a killer batch of whitetail venison sticks!
    Got the spices, hi temp cheese, binder, casings, etc. from you guys.
    Have my own small meat grinder, just got a 20 lb. mixer today, borrowing a stuffer from my nephew, and found a guy in the 'hood willing to lend me his electric smoker!
    Gonna do half Willie’s, half habanero spice mix…with the ghost pepper hi temp cheese.
    Drooling already…lol.
    Oh, living in Estes Park Colorado and just brought back venison from 2 Michigan deer :-).

  • Walton's Employee

    @meateater and @mtnjim Glad to have you on the board! Both sound like you will be good additions to our growing community!

  • @austin
    I live in Mary Esther, Florida.
    I have been playing with sausage for awhile now. My oldest brother got me interested and we often share ideas. Unfortunately my brother and I live on opposite sides of the country so can only share by phone but, we have had some long conversations trading ideas.
    I have an electric smoker and love to smoke pork butts. My electric smoker does not give as good a smoke as a stick fired smoker but it still gives good flavor and could not be easier to use.
    What I love about making my own sausage the variety of tastes you can get and the quality of the sausage itself. For me many of the readily available commercial products have a sameness of taste and texture (there are some exceptions that are very good). When you make your own, you have control over the flavor and the texture.

  • Walton's Employee

    @tim71 Adding to the end of what you were saying, I love the sense of pride you get when someone tries something you have made and is blown away by it! It might be vain but I don’t care, I love having someone ask something like “where can I buy these?” and you let them know you made it! Welcome to the board!

  • Hey Waltons gang! Love everything about your company. I have been smoking meat and competing in BBQ for the last 21 years and have started really getting into making my own sausage, sticks and brats as well. Especially during deer season. I am from Peosta, IA. Been purchasing Walton’s products for years and glad to be on board with the blogging.


  • Walton's Employee

    @sgeisz Glad to have you on the board! Always nice to have a competitor on the board!

  • Hello folks,

    Gumbo hear, aka Emoneyblue

    Im now located in Chandler AZ. My wife and I own a Creole Cajun Resturant and bar. Im the owner and Chef at that location. we own a commercial 200 SC southern pride smoker and a 55 gallon barrow smoker that I use for my smoked meats. My most favorite flavor of seasoning is my in-house Creole/Cajun spice. I also make all of our sausages for the restaurant like smoked Andouille, Texas Red Hots, Tasso, Sweet/Hot Italian and snack sticks etc. I have a #50 hydro stuffer and a 132 lbs meat mixer and a commercial grinder to make quick work of getting that meat ground quickly. At home I have all the home basic equipment that I started with… Just cant seem to get to give it up because I can make smaller batches and not have to worry about moving or cleaning the BIG stuff. Enough about me, I just love all the advice and recipes you all are sharing hear so thank you in advance. Looking forward to meeting new friends. E$

  • Ellis from much eca do you use for 4lbs meat.

  • Walton's Employee

    @Ellis We have an Additive Chart has additives broken down into 1 and 5 lb batches. You’d use .32 of an oz for 4 lb. We also have it broken down by volume on that chart. I still think weighing is the best way to go but if you don’t have a scale that will measure less than a lb the volume amounts can be helpful.

  • @austin Saying Hi from Salt Lake City. I’m an old stick burner that converted to a pellet smoker, I use a Traeger Timberline1300. I enjoy making Brats, snack sticks, summer sausage and salami. Want get better, learn more and make new products.

  • Admin

    @davids Glad to have you on-board! We hope to see you around the forums, and definitely get a post out in the Meat Processing section if you need any help at all making something new. There is lots of great advice here from both our Meatgistics crew and the rest of the community members!

  • Chris from Minnesota

  • Hello all, I’m Daniel from the rolling hills NW IL. I’m truly impress with the kind folks that hangout in this community. They are a wealth of information on all things to do with meat processing.

  • Newbie here. I live in middle Georgia and am just diving in to this hopefully fulfilling hobby of making my own sausages and snacks. Looking forward to getting started with it, and completing my first recipe.

    My only smoker is a Traeger, which is wonderful for smoking a brisket or pork butt, but I’m going to have to play with it to get it to smoke my summer sausages. (my first recipe order).

  • Walton's Employee

    @megajunk Welcome to the board! Smoking snack sticks and summer sausage on a pellet grill/smoker combo can be difficult but it certainly can be done. The largest issue you will probably run into is that you want to start the smoker at 120° for about an hour and then bump it to 140°. Most pellet grills start at 150°, so a few people have been starting them in there oven or propping the door open to let some heat bleed out. Propping the door open can work, but you need an accurate ambient thermometer.

  • @jonathon

    Thanks for the reply. I may rig up something with an external controller and thermocouple with an electric burner as a heat source for the lower temperatures until I get something better. I’ll make it work, somehow!

    Thanks, again.

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