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    @sstory Looking forward to the pictures!

  • @jonathon I forgot I had this video that sort of shows my smoker in action. This was from 2008 at the Bixby BBQ and Blues Competition – this was our very first competition.

    Bedlam BBQ

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    This post is deleted!

  • @joe-hell Hi Joe, I’ve seen a few of your posts, so you must have been on here awhile.

  • @sstory Welcome, I’m a KCBS Master Judge going on my 12th year. Lots of information to get and share here.

  • @fred Thanks for the Welcome. I got certified to be a KCBS judge, just so I’d know what judges are looking for when we started competing. I judged at a couple of comps to see what other teams were turning in. Looking forward to learning a lot from everyone here – and hopefully, some day, I’ll be able to help out another newbie to this wonderful hobby.

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    @sstory Good strategy!

  • Tom T from Boise, ID

  • Hi, Lee from northern Virginia here. Long time KCBS competitor and quarter finalist in the 2014 Terlingua International Chili Championship. We are from southern LA/MS originally, so andouille is our primary sausage. Also Texas red hots, Chaurice, breakfast, and cajun sausages. We cure and smoke our own bacon and Tasso. Hope to learn and contribute here.

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    @Teamfour If you make a lot fo Andouille I am sure we will have people wanting your recipe, we will eventually make a video about it but the two times I have tried I added too much sodium erythorbate one time and the second time it was amazing, but the video was out of focus!

  • Cyrus, MN I’m fairly new at smoking meats.
    I like sweet beef jerky/tangy jerky.
    I have a MB 30,Big Chief and I smoke on my Akorn kamado.

  • New to the community. I’ve been buying Walton’s products for a couple years. Love the info on this site. I’ve been making restructured jerky for 20 years, I feel like I’ve mastered that. I built a smokehouse this year and decided on making some snack sticks.

  • @austin

    I joined this web site last week [Hooter111]. I’m a senior who has been deer hunting since 1979. I live in Hobart, Indiana, which in the northwest corner of the state. I started my hunting career hunting public properties, but for the last 15 years I have been fortunate enough to be hunting only privately owned property. About 18 years ago a friend [butcher and deer processor], taught me how to butcher my own deer. I learned how to make sausage and snack sticks through friends and the internet. My favorite seasoning to date, for the last ten years, is “Hunter’s Snack Stick / Sausage Seasoning, by Buckland. Which I believe comes from Reicherts wholesale. I own a new 40” Masterbuilt electric digital smoker. Since logging on to your website I have had quite a few questions answered by watching your videos.

  • Visiting from Norwich , Connecticut . I was watching how you cooked the back strap ,looks so good . I know my son and daughter in law would love to try. We all enjoy trying different spices. The kids have both a grill and smoker . Thanks for all the different videos

  • Jason checking in from Central Point, Oregon (Southern Oregon)…Co-owner of Off The Bone BBQ our part time catering gig. Owner of a Bewley Pit, WSM, Smokin Tex, ABS and the trusty old Weber Kettle. Love smoking for Family, Friends, Co-workers and our amazing customers.

  • Hello, name is Jason Blandford, happy to be apart of the waltons community

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    @bodey30 You guys get great reviews on your catering. I wish I lived closer!

  • @jblandford Welcome, your going to love all the great recipes and the funny stories shared on this site.

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    @bodey30 I was browsing around your website and I noticed you injected a Vanilla Porter into Brisket! Did you inject it with anything else, if so, what? How did it taste? I love porters and I love brisket so I cannot see how that could be anything other than amazing!

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    Hey y’all checking in from Greensboro, NC. I have been making kielbasa and summer sausage for about 24 years and smoking of course. Just built a curing chamber and am always looking for new things to make! Canning ,pickling, curing, smoking, you name it!

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    @deplorablenc1 We’d love to see some pics of your curing chamber set up! Maybe in the Bragging Board section?!

  • Regular Contributors

    @jonathon done. I am new to these boards and trying to figure it out. Seems like a great place to post and chat!

  • Hey everyone l’m new to Walton’s, but have been bitten by the home meat processing bug.

    I’m retired and find this very satisfying and rewarding. I love to experiment with meat processing as I’ve always wanted to get into it.

    I’m from Central Florida area and been enjoying learning all about this home processing thing. My grandson got me into this with making venison jerky. It has grown into much more the past six months or so. I’ve made jerky, snack sticks and now exploring sausages too.

    I’ve made venison snack sticks, combination venison/pork snack sticks, venison jerky, pork breakfast and Mild Sweet Italian sausages. I started with pre-mixed spices for the jerky and snack sticks but eventually want to start making them the Waltons way.

    The first sausages I made was from trial and error recipes found on the inter web with fair success. I’m also a pretty good grilled too. I use a Treager Wood pellet smoker/grill but have desire to one day have a fair size smoker/smokehouse.

    I’m looking to up my game so bare with me as I will be asking a lot of questions.

    I look forward to sharing ideas and suggestions with you all.


  • @unclebill
    Nice unclebill. No dumb questions here.

  • Walton's Employee

    @unclebill Glad to have you here! We were all new to this at point and I think one of the best things about this board is the willingness of its members to help eachother out! @Austin and I are the moderators but there are now plenty of people who will be able to offer their opinions on best practices and different techniques!

  • Hey fellow meatheads i never did introduce myself, I’m Jeremy from North Dakota. Been here for awhile just never really asked anything or posted anything till recently…I have a few posts on here. I love to read all the recipes/stories /and information… there’s a bunch. I been making sausage for probably 10 yrs just the usual sticks/jerky/brats/and ring sausage. If anyone has any info on a homemade propane smoker I’m all ears…I have one that I used a side burner off a grill…but it gets way to hot…it’s not insulated basically a 1/8 thick metal 2x2x4 box… I’ll post pics in a few days

  • @Austin
    Checking in.
    From knoxville tn.
    Born and rasied in mcpherson ks.

  • Derby, KS I am a classically trained chef, but not working in the restaurant or food service industries. I enjoy the science behind the hobby and get to experiment with lots of different processes and products. Looking forward to the info sharing and smoking community craziness!

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    @Fijidreamer Welcome to the board, you aren’t far from us at all, we are just up the road in Wichita! Nice to have a classically trained chef on here! I think we have one or two others, or at least some that appear to be so please feel free to let us know your thoughts on what we say when it comes to kitchen cooking!

    With your username I assume you are either from Fiji or have visited? What an eye-opening culinary experience that was for me, they eat almost everything from the ocean and cook a lot of it ceviche and most surprisingly they have cattle that just roam the island or at least on Vanua Levu and any village that wants some beef can harvest them!

  • @Austin I’m from Overland Park, KS. I have an electric smoker that I love using. I found this site looking for jerky seasoning. I just received mine and am going to make some jerky next weekend. I enjoy smoking. I have a charcoal grill that I am not good at using. I just bought a used gas grill to try out. I really like that. I think I will be upgrading to a better gas grill next year. I am trying new recipes and learning about grilling now that I can control the heat better. I had no luck with the charcoal grill but I do love charcoal grills. This looks like a place where I am going to learn a lot.

  • Walton's Employee

    @mecord I love Overland Park, my sister lives up there now. We are from upstate NY but I relocated here and then a few laters she camer here by chance for her husbands work (though I like to think me saying how much I loved it our here helped) The first time I went to visit her I was very jealous, I always joke that she got the pretty part of Kansas! Wichita is great, has awesome people who are friendly and welcoming…but it is not a pretty part of the country.

    Also, I am sure you’ve tried it but in case you have not there is a Pizza place in KC called grinders that I demand we have every time I go up there! Also, Scimeca’s makes amazing sausages up in that neck of the woods. You probably dont need me to point out awesome places in your area though huh?!

  • @Jonathon it is really pretty here, you’re right. I love Grinder’s and Scimeca’s Italian sausage. I have tried other Italian sausage and they are horrible compared to Scimeca’s. We had a man just transfer from here to Houston. He really hated to leave he loved being in Overland Park, too.

  • @Austin
    Hello,just joined a few days ago, placed a small order, got here in 2 days, that is a good “thang” 🙂 I am sort of new to smoking aka. “Burning Meat”, I live in North East ,Arkansas, but don’t hold that against me,
    My life long quest is to duplicate Southside Market,Elgin “Hot Guts” lmao…

    Looks like friendly place to be,


  • Walton's Employee

    @cliff Glad to have you here! We won’t hold living in Arkansas against you, we live in Wichita so we don’t look down on anywhere! No, seriously, we love Wichita but wish we at least had a tall hill if we can’t have some Mountains!

  • Hello fellow carnivores! Doug checking in from Western Colorado. I have been smoking and bbq’ing for 20 years or so and still feel like a novice sometimes. I don’t do competitions, but don’t get many complaints at home:) I have a SmokeHollw Gas grill/charcoal smoker combo and a Smokey Mountain wood smoker. I mainly do brisket, butt’s & fish, but I’m getting more and more into sausages and Jerky. Read a few messages here and really like the feel and attitude of the board and it’s members.

  • Regular Contributors

    @DougSmokes welcome to a new addiction!!!

  • @Austin Hot Springs ,Montana checking in

  • @Jonathon Hello,just wanted to let you know that I just finished with my first time sausage making project,"“VERY HAPPY”" made H Summer ,Kielbasa,German all turned out great, got a couple of the Summer Sausage rolls to Hot in the smoker and the casing are wrinkled , my fault not Walton’s, Will try and post a pic of finished product, If anyone is interested in making Sausage (jmo) I would have no problem recommending Walton’s.

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    @Prblmchld63 Welcome! It’s time to get meaty!

  • Walton's Employee

    @cliff You didn’t put a toe in the water did you? Made 3 different products at once and made some that were cured and maybe one that was not, did you cure the german? If you have any pics please post them!

  • @Jonathon DSC01944.JPG DSC01946.JPG DSC01949.JPG Not only did I get my “Toe Wet” I got both feet wet, lmao…what a job,
    I already had the German Sausage in the freezer, I have given a lot of the Summer sausage away, the 70% to 30% worked out great, I used Chuck and Boston Butt,
    I used the Large Casings helped with less blow outs.(jmo), from now on I will do one type at a time,only problem was with the Summer sausage casings “Wrinkle”
    THX for the advice, it worked , one question, “Brisket Stall” 🙂 I tried to cook a 19 pounder on Labor Day, it stalled for 4 hours finally had to take it off smoker everyone was ready to head for (Taco Bell) 🙂


  • @cliff wrap the brisket in foil when it “stalls” usually 150° - 160°
    It’s called a “Texas Crutch”

  • Walton's Employee

    @cliff Stall is when the evaporation energy matches, or exceeds the thermal processing energy (heat trying to go into the meat) so you have two options. Keep increasing the heat to get past that or change the humidity. The first has obvious problems as you dont want to be cooking a brisket at 400°!

    Check out this video and “article” on Advanced Thermal Processing, basically I found that adding a huge water pan and sticking some automotive sponges into that can increase your relative humidity drastically. The higher your relative humidity is the less water will be evaporated out of your product, hence the stall is less of an issue!

  • @Departing-Contestant , THX DC, will try that next time, maybe a smaller Brisket also, would help, not sure, it would “Stall” too but not for as long.

  • @cliff Great job. You have given me inspiration 🙂

  • @DougSmokes THX DS, not so fast with the “Inspiration” 🙂 my first mistake was to make 25 pounds of Summer Sausage, it didn’t take long for me to realize that is a lot of sausage,then I decided to make 5 lb, batches, (good choice) just in case I messed up,
    Boston Butts are on sale around here now $1.00 a pound the Chuck was $2.89 still have a Boston Butt left over , by the time you get 17.5 pounds of Chuck and 7.5 pounds of meat ground ,my “Inspiration” was beginning to (Fade) 🙂
    These guys here are not afraid to share their Expert Advice ,if you follow it you will have a great end product (jmo) I got in a hurry with the Summer Sausage and got it to hot and the casing Wrinkled that’s my fault,I know what I did wrong,still taste great . Good Luck DS,

  • @DougSmokes Hello Doug,just noticed you are from the West Slope, I lived in Norwood for about 20 years, I use to take my Deer and Elk up to Grand Junction to “Old World Meats” don’t know if they are still in business, Taylor Park was my favorite fishing hole, have to shake the ice off your sleeping bag in July 🙂

  • @cliff Nice. Yeah, OWM is still in business, took a cow there last week, still aging.
    Great bunch of guys.
    Weather is turning here already 100*+ last week, snow in the high country tonight… Sigh. Still beats the city !

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