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  • BeerAndSausage you surely won’t regret any pit built by Lone Star Grills. Really their prices are great and they offer a ton of options/accessories.
    My Santa Marie (36”X36”) base price was around $800 and after my options it boosted the price up to $2600 and change but well worth the $$ IMO.

  • Hi from the Extremely Rural southern mountains of Landgraff, West Virginia!
    Although I have followed Walton’s for years (and entered many of their sweepstakes…), and my husband is a chef (we have an inn here- the Elkhorn inn & Theatre), and he is truly GREAT at the smoker, we are Totally New to sausage making! We are both hunters (hubs being a very experienced hunter), and we currently have a cow elk in our freezer, cut up into about 5 huge pieces, which we just brought back from Colorado! Help please! (The elk is from a farm, not wild; our recent hunt in Colorado was a total fail - we literally did not see an elk the entire time 😞 - but we were NOT driving all the way back to West Virginia without a freezer full of elk! LOL)
    We are open to suggestion!
    We love very lean sausage, and want the flavor of the elk meat to shine, and not be overshadowed by very strong spices, peppers, or seasonings.
    I have No Clue where to start, so recipes, ideas, and suggestions would be Deeply Appreciated!
    As we have an Inn & hubs is a chef, we have a Lot of kitchen appliances, and several grills, including a Big Green Egg, and a huge gas grill, but my husband usually winds up using our 20 year old “Old Faithful” Wally World covered charcoal grill as a smoker, with pretty fabulous results… As he is US Army Ret., he also has a penchant for using power tools in the kitchen… LOL His specialties include his Italian herb-crusted smoked baby back ribs, herb-rubbed smoked racks of lambchops, smoked salmon, smoked turkey, etc. (He usually herb-rubs or marinates them overnight, and then slow-smokes, periodically mopping them with his “secret” mops, which often contain apple juice and/or coffee, as well as s variety of herbs and spices…)
    Can’t wait to make us some Elk Sausage! 🙂

  • Team Blue Power User Traeger Primo Grills PK Grills Canning Sous Vide

    elisse German Sausage seasoning would be a pretty mild place to start.

  • Canning Dry Cured Sausage Primo Grills Team Blue Regular Contributors Sous Vide Power User

    elisse Glad you ar onboard. As a Chef, you both will be surprised at the carryover of shill sets that will have him making sausage in no time. He also has the experience of balancing flavors. There is no end to the help on this site.

    Both of you just have one important thing to know about this site. Join the BLUE team.

    Welcome to the crew.

  • Any links to recipes, techniques, and what supplies I may need to buy would be REALLY appreciated! As there is no processor near us, I have a feeling hubs is going to wind up cutting up Ms. Frozen Elk himself, using our saw… He did that with moose, when he was stationed up in Alaska, but that was decades ago- and elk isn’t moose. LOL

  • Team Blue Power User Traeger Primo Grills PK Grills Canning Sous Vide

    elisse use the search function, and also explore Meatgistics University, there are many how to videos there. I’d start with Fresh Sausage 101.

  • Tex_77 Thank you- that is what I am doing now!

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    elisse My first two sausages were breakfast and Italian. Both simple. The breakfast Excalibur Holly Regular Pork Sausage is a fantastic formula. I do make two version with one just adding a bit of red pepper flake. The italian sausage seasoning is good as well.

    I do not like collagen casing, but that’s me personally. I use 22 - 24 mm sheep casing for breakfast and 32-35 mm hog for italian.

    With these two as a start, you really only need a grinder and a stuffer. I have never liked stuffing with a grinder. You have to decide the volume you are looking at making, will you sell it commercially? I think a #22 grinder would be a good place to start. As far as stuffers go, don’t go cheap. It takes a lot of work to stuff sausage, especially smaller link like breakfast of snack sticks. A good stuffer makes it effortless and it can hold up against the excessive forces placed on a stuffer. Again, size would depend on the volume you plan on producing. There are many other ‘nice to have’ but with his experience he likely has a lot of things he would need. The goodies will come with time.

  • I also would add if you are looking to purchase equipment as in a grinder, get the most HP you can afford but bear in mind, the more HP the more it costs
    As stuffers go, I had the water stuffer that worked great but takes a bit of planning ahead as you have to hook a hose up to it.
    I purchased my grinder (3/4 HP) for a little under $500 from Cabelas and the stuffer I ordered on line.
    I gave all of my sausage making equipment to my son in WA state when I moved to Texas because it was going to just be my wife and I and she is not a big sausage fan.
    I must say though there is no shortage of sausage varieties available anywhere you go in Texas

  • Hi,
    Australian living in HCMC Vietnam, had a electric cheap mincer/stuffer for a couple of months, made a couple of below average batches of pork sausages just bought a 3kg/7lb 2 speed stuffer.

    I made some more pork sausages and I have a leaking problem with the meat when I stuff, I was using the 15mm tube and 20mm casings it blows out on the right hand side.

    I live in a smallish apartment so limited in equipment storage and usage, would love to make snack sticks but no way I could use a smoker in the apartment, I do have a 50l benchtop oven is there anyway I could use this to make more than just breakfast sausage?

    Could anyone point me in the right direction to head next to learn info on the above points?

    Thank you.

  • Team Blue

    AndyHCMC Ahoa there, Welcome aboard. That must be quite an experience. What brought you to Saigon? I have cheated in years past when smoking in the cold winter by using a smoke box in the oven. It really was not that bad & my wife had no issue with it, so it could not be so bad. Could you indeed try using your oven at a lower heat setting than even 225/250 & use the smoke box or even a smoke pan? I hope the idea helps. & don’t forget, Go BLUE. Have a much better new year.

  • calldoctoday said in Roll Call (Start Here First):

    & don’t forget, Go BLUE

    Being new here I don’t get the Go Blue reference?

  • Masterbuilt Dry Cured Sausage Team Orange

    AndyHCMC yep. Go. Away. Far. 😂🤣

  • Canning Dry Cured Sausage Primo Grills Team Blue Regular Contributors Sous Vide Power User

    AndyHCMC On a serious note, it is just a friendly competition of Orange which is Austin team, and the Blue which is Jonathon team. Just healthy fun.
    Now on a practical note, Blue Team Rules. It has the most awesome members, the most knowledgeable members, a true team leader, i.e. Jonathon, and the Blue team RULES. Blue team even picks up the slack from the Orange team. And in addition, the blue caps look better on most people than the orange caps.

    It really is all about fun. This community is wonderful.

  • Masterbuilt Dry Cured Sausage Team Orange

    Chef c’mon. Don’t lead people astray. Orange is clearly the best team. Blue is the best of the rest… and orange caps rock. On a more serious note, happy new year. I hope each and every one of you, including the blue team has the best year of your lives! BE3FEB0F-B507-45FA-A503-59AFB7374227.jpeg

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    AndyHCMC welcome to the site. Is the blowout happening during stuffing or cooking/smoking? Lots of knowledge on both teams, orange:orangehat: and blue :bluehat: . But the secret is Team Orange rules.

  • Orange & Blue, well I do like Blue and Orange sounds a bit gay wasn’t Red available? hahaha
    I stuffed into natural sheeps casings and they blow during cooking even at 100c/202f which is the lowest on my induction cooker I’ve tried no oil and a little oil, they split or blow out the ends, I even took meat out of casings and stuffed again loose and did the links with 1/2 twists so room to expand, they still blow.

    Now I’m new to sausage making so no screaming at me, the only breadcrumbs I have are panko breadcrumbs - here in Vietnam all the local bread is stuffed with sugar and no way do I like sugar tasting sausages so thats all I have I can buy local.

    I think the panko crumbs are swelling up as soon as the heat hits the water and fat? but as I said I’m new to it all.

    I linked the sausages I made and put them in the freezer maybe I can slow cook them in the oven or boil first ?

    Over to you experts,

    Oh the recipe I used was for Lincolnshire sausages
    1kg pork
    250g fat
    250g panko breadcrumbs
    250ml iced water
    spices pepper salt

  • Team Blue

    Austin Boarsnest here from west Central Ill.

  • Team Orange Masterbuilt Big Green Egg Dry Cured Sausage Sous Vide Canning Power User

    AndyHCMC have you tried using less panko, maybe break the flakes into smaller particles? I have never used panko in a sausage recipe. Par boiling might help. Anyone else have any ideas?

  • Team Orange Masterbuilt Big Green Egg Dry Cured Sausage Sous Vide Canning Power User

    Boarsnset welcome to the site. Take advantage of all the experience here. Be willing to share your experience. Go Team Orange:orangehat:

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