Kitchenaid mixer for 5lb batches of sausage?

  • Hey guys! So I have a 40lb meat mixer currently and am not too happy with it’s mixing capability. It’s a PITA to take apart and clean, and it doesn’t mix well. I’m constantly having to scrape the sides and fins. I’m just curious if anyone has used the Kitchenaid mixer to mix smaller batches of sausage, say 5lb batches at a time. If so what kind of extraction are you getting? Does it work well for mixing sausage? Which attachment are you using(paddle or bread sprial)?

    Thanks a ton.

  • Masterbuilt

    Was using the kitchen aid stand mixer to mix with but could only do small batches at a time. Have since switched over to a dry wall mud mixing attachment that is used with a drill. Now I can mix 10lbs at once, get good protein extraction, and easy peasy to clean. I mix in a food grade 5 gallon bucket.

  • knifemaker3 how many pounds of meat could you do in the kitchenaid at a time? Which were you using the paddle or the corkscrew thing?

  • Masterbuilt

    About 2 1/2lbs comfortably. Used the paddle, not the bread hook.
    Only problem with the kitchen aid is when doing more than you can mix at one time you have to weigh the meat and mix accordingly. Just easier for me to it in 5-10 lb lots at a time

  • I use a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, it’s what I have. My wife suggested I try using it, and getting a meat grinder attachment for it.
    I was on that like stink on dog-doo. I went shopping and found a Stainless Steel grinder attachment for it.
    It works OK, but I think a real meat grinder would be much better.
    Once I’ve ground my meat, I put it into the 6 quart SS bowl with the paddle type mixer. I use the OEM paddle, and leave my wife’s fancy cookie paddle alone. (My Momma didn’t raise no fool!)
    I typically do 4-5 pound batches, and they work great in the mixer. I just did a 4 pound batch of Willie’s Snack Sticks last week. (Because I found two packages of 50/50 Beef/Pork I had put up in the freezer.) They each had 1 pound of each meat. LOL, My 50/50 freezer pack of grind fodder.
    I course ground the meat, refrigerated it for a couple of hours, then did the mixing adding my proportioned Willie’s Mix with some Prague Powder added and mixed into it. Mixed it long enough to get it gooey, then reground it with a medium plate (3/16", I think?), anyway, reground it finer.
    I did something new for me when mixing my small batch, I kicked up the speed towards the end. The meat separated from the paddle nicely and was able to get some boogy in the mixin. But it didn’t fly out. Whew!:relieved:
    Then I stuffed it in my sausage stuffer (5 pound) and made rope with it.
    But I think using a Kitchen Aid stand mixer is the cats meow for small batches like I always make.
    Seems to work good.:sunglasses:

  • Team Blue Regular Contributors Power User

    I can do 5 lbs in my 7 qt Kitchen Aid, the motor is a lot stronger than the smaller ones as well. I use the paddle. You need to start and run slow, otherwise you will wear what you are trying to mix and really over mix you meat. Also the colder, the better. The corkscrew is a doughhook and won’t mix well.

  • johnsbrewhouse said in Kitchenaid mixer for 5lb batches of sausage?:

    The corkscrew is a doughhook and won’t mix well.

    Well, it would probably mix dough ok. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • armyguy Screenshot_20190929-225001_Amazon Shopping.jpg Those are Abpits i just bought a hand held double auger cement mixer on Amazon. Used it twice so far a 9lb. And 24lb. Batch in a large stainless stock pot so far works like a charm fast and incredible extraction.

  • rhjbarney Interesting! I’d be interested in how it does long term.

    I’m close to doing something really stupid…Talsa Mix30PV…lol but that’s going to be a HUGE hit to take.

  • armyguy I found that it was a waste of time to use a Kitchenaid. It’s really not designed for the kind of mixing we are doing for sausages. The are expensive to replace if you burn up the motor. You can buy a good grinder and mixer for about the same price as a Kitchenaid. I know firsthand.

  • Power User Canning Team Orange Regular Contributors

    there has to be a better design for an affordable stand alone mixer other than a used piece of used large equipment or two pieces

  • Team Orange Sous Vide Regular Contributors

    Ive used a big ka mixer for 5 lb batches with good results. I usually use mine on test batches that are below the 10lb min of my manual lem mixer.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    smokinbubba Big KA, is kitchen aid? I googled Big Ka and didnt find anything, and then realized that is probably what you meant.

  • Team Orange

    For batches that small, it is easy enough to mix by hand. Get some thin cotton gloves to put on under your latex to keep fingers warm and go to town.

  • Team Orange Sous Vide Regular Contributors

    Sorry, yes KA = kitchen aid. I think its a 12 qu lift bowl. I cannot mix by hand. Carpel tunnel or something. Hurts too bad.

  • Power User Canning Team Orange Regular Contributors

    smokinbubba my kitchen aid is the artisan and 5 lb tends to ride up past the top of the bowl , hand mixing at my age and other considerations added is at times difficult

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