I need a good recipe(TOTAL) for making snack sticks (smoked) with Willies Seasoning. Any GREAT recipes out there?

  • I need a great recipe for using Willies Seasoning for making home made snack sticks in casing. (Pepperoni)

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    btrebble Go with Meatgistics U Basic, the Advanced or the Original How to Make Snack Sticks

    I think you will get the best results if you watch the Basic and then Advanced Meatgistics University videos as they cover the basics and then some advanced techniques. I’d also consider checking out Advanced Thermal Processing for some tips on setting up your smoker.

  • I second Jonathon’s advice.
    Willie’s is a great taste by itself, and how to is right here.

    I like to do a 50/50 Beef/Pork Shoulder mix.
    Course grind, mix in the Willie’s, Refrigerate over night. (Gives the cure time to cure.)
    Then regrind with a 3/16" plate.
    Refrigerate for a couple hours to rechill. Then put the batch in my 5 pound stuffer and make rope.
    At that point, into the smoker to smoke and bake to 165° IT. Ice water bath. Then whack into ~8" sticks and package in 5’s.

    I like 17 mm collagen casing for mine. Gives it a “snap”.
    I use Apple Wood as my smoke. I typically eat a package of 5.
    That’s why I like 5’s. If I did 10’s, or 20’s, I’d likely eat them all.
    And since I share, my dog would get to danged full.

    Jonathon, could you please give him the link to the reducing page for lesser than 25 pounds of meat? Thanks!
    (I’m off to go drag a trailer around in L.A. traffic.)

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