how to make boudin

  • how do you make boudin? has any one made it?

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    @shelby I have not personally made it, but I would follow a standard fresh sausage recipe and use the Excalibur Boudin Sausage Seasoning, then add approximately 1 pound of rice per 25 lb of meat. You’d want to reconstitute the rice with water first. And, do not re-grind the meat once you add the rice during the process. Just add the rice in your last mixing step before stuffing in casings.

    If you need a basic guideline for homemade sausage, visit the Walton’s Recipes page or watch the video on WaltonsTV below. Or, if you want to make a seafood boudin, Excalibur has a recipe for an entirely seafood boudin sausage here: seafood boudin sausage.pdf

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    Shelby: Boudin is made by boiling pork liver with onions and celery and cajun spices untill the liver is falling apart. Then strain and use the liquid to cook your rice in. Grind the pork and vegies and add the cooked rice, mix well and season to taste. I then stuffed in hog casings. Everything is cooked so all you have to do is reheat either by poaching or even on the grill. If you are not a liver lover this might not be for you.

  • @shelby my wife and I make boudin, we don’t use liver or blood. I found a recipe online and modified it to out taste. We use Boston butt for the meat.

    It’s a fairly easy process. Cook pork, spices etc until rhe pork falls apart. Drain and grind everything you cooked (shallots, onions etc). Mix in cooked rice, raw chopped onion and chopped green onion). If you’re going to stuff use hog casings. You want the boudin moist but not dripping wet. I can share my recipe with you if you like, when I get time to get on my computer at home.

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