• I made 7# each of Mandarin Teriyaki and willies with ghost pepper cheese and everything came out great. Only problem I had was I used some old casings from LEM for 1/2 of the Willies which lost there color and were tough and unappealing. The other 1/2 I used some new 16mm from Waltons which had a nice snap and beautiful color. Does age affect collagen casings?
    Anyhow here are some pics

  • Team Blue Regular Contributors Canning Green Mountain Grill

    I think age does affect the casing.i try not to keep my snack stick casings for longer than a yr but that’s just me… Also the lighter ones look like they might be a bit under stuffed that could be why you don’t have a good snap if those are the lem ones. Btw I really like your mailbox attachment how does it work? I’m kinda bummed I used to have a Cajun/masterbuilt smoker and got rid of it cause the heating element went bad thought it was junk… after seeing all the things everyone has done to them I’m kicking myself

  • blackbetty61 I love the mailbox mod! I have 2 smoker tubes if I need extra smoke. And I hooked it to an old Tv stand to get the smoker in the air and storage for all my smoker stuff.
    The sausage was tight before sitting over night in the fridge. It stretched I guess? But the fresh ones did not. Lesson learned.

  • Power User Canning Team Orange Regular Contributors

    chippewa I like your mailbox setup I just purchased a cold smoker for my masterbilt I had a brinkman vertical propane that needed work so I decided to use it for a dedicated cold smoker for fish and cheese because I can use the chip pan for an amazing smoke tray and the water pan for ice

  • Team Orange Power User Masterbuilt

    Had some LEM casings from awhile ago I finally used this spring. Sorry “LEM” not very good. Very tough no matter how I tried to tweak the recipe. I used them up just because I don’t like to waste anything. Last batch I used Walton’s fresh collagen. Very good.

    Like the mailbox trick…That’s just cool.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    chippewa Mailbox Mod is awesome! Yeah, I feel like once they start to go you can tell by the tone of them, when they start looking more tan rather than mahogany/red you can tell they should be tossed. You can leave them uncovered in the fridge overnight to rehydrate them a little bit and that will help, nothing is as good as fresh casings though!

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